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  • Upcircle
    Green Talk

    Interview with Upcircle

    Have you always wondered about options to recycle and upcycle apart from the blue bin? Well, you will be glad to learn about Upcircle! Upcircle makes recycling and upcycling accessible for…

  • refash
    Green Talk

    Interview with REFASH

    Many of us have read about the environmental impacts of fast fashion. Whether fashion is just a basic need or an artistic medium to express yourself, what if we told you…

  • Green Talk

    Interview with Package Pals

    Is your home full of packaging materials that you have kept since lockdown that you cannot bear to waste? Well, you would be glad to learn of Package Pals! Package Pals…

  • Green Talk

    Interview With treatsure

    Would you believe me if I told you it was possible to eat hotel standard food for affordable prices? Not only this but also being able to help to reduce food…

  • Green Talk

    Interview With susGain

    Have you ever wanted to have a one-stop platform whereby you can gain access to BYO locations, recycling points, water refill stations, clothing swap places, charities to donate to, sustainable stores…

  • Green Talk

    Interview With GreenDay

    We recently had the opportunity of interviewing and collaborating with GreenDay, one of Singapore’s largest online sustainable marketplace with over 2,000 sustainable products from 50 brands! Sustainable living is now made…

  • Waterways Watch Society
    Green Talk

    Interview with Waterways Watch Society

    Waterways Watch Society is a non-governmental and non-profit environmental organization, committed to foster appreciation and promote conservation of our environment, especially the waterways in Singapore. Established in 1998, our mission is…

  • step of grace
    Green Talk

    Interview with Step of Grace

    Based in Indonesia, Step of Grace​ is a fashion and lifestyle brand that focuses on everyday essentials for the well-travelled soul. They carry a wide range of chic yet eco-friendly apparel…

  • uglyfood
    Green Talk

    Interview with UglyFood

    With a mission to “maximise the value of food resources and to offer healthy and delectable food products”, UglyFood was started out with the aim of preventing wastage of ugly food…