Most of us might be aware of the problem of surplus food and organisations who work towards saving them going directly into the landfill.

But have you ever considered the problem of surplus inventory from brands and which organisation is helping to solve the issue?

Introducing OnTheList, an organisation devoted to saving excess inventory from going directly into the landfill.

Founded through their shared passion for fashion, Delphine Lefay and Diego Dultzin Lacoste launched OnTheList in 2016 with the pioneering concept of Members-Only Flash Sales. OTL offer members exclusive access to luxury brands at discounted prices, for a limited number of days.

In September 2018, OnTheList expanded to the shores of Singapore and subsequently to Taipei and Shanghai in 2019, followed by Australia, South Korea and Malaysia in 2021.

We recently had the chance to have a chat with Diego Dultzin Lacoste, founder of OnTheList!

What inspired you to start OnTheList?

I worked in the retail industry for over 5 years since 2009. While working in the industry, I was exposed to the term excess inventory.

Excess inventory could be caused by unpredictable consumer demand, seasonal products, unforeseen external events or unforeseen weather changes.

Instead of sending all these products to the landfill, I was inspired to start OnTheList to find a solution for brands to reduce retail wastage.

How do you work to reduce waste?

OnTheList offers brands an option to clear past-season merchandise; turning old inventory into opportunity whilst simultaneously paving an additional channel to a wider consumer market.

We believe in using quality products and also making them accessible to everyone, instead of having them go directly into the landfill. By working directly with over 700 brands or their official distributors, we offer our members authentic and quality products. It is our aim to prevent these products from going directly into the landfill.

Some examples of the brands we have worked with include Vans, Timberland, LANEIGE, Jimmy Choo, Ted Baker, Le Creuset…etc.

What is difficult for you to pitch your idea to the various brands to work with you?

Coming from the industry, I had to build trust and relationships with the brands. We had to ensure that we do not affect their brand name or reputation through our business.

This is why we operate on a member invitation-only basis so that we are able to know our customers well and can also curate the events based on their needs.

Can you share with us the impact that you have had since 2016?

We have managed to save over 2 million products from going directly into the landfill.  Also do our best to minimize our carbon footprint, 6.2 tonnes of plastic hangers and carton box recycled in the showroom.


We saw that you recently achieved the achieved B Corp™ certification for OnTheList in Hong Kong. How was the process to attain it?

Yes! We are really happy about it.  B Corp™ certifies that a business looks beyond making a profit and meets the highest standards of environmental performance, transparency and accountability. OnTheList is the World’s First Flash Sales business to be awarded the B Corp™ certification. Our ambition is to encourage a circular economy by creating value for OnTheList Members, our brand partners and limiting our impact on the planet.

The B Corp™ score achieved by OnTheList in Hong Kong is 82.6. To qualify as a B Corp™, a business must score over 80 and be recertified every 3 years.

Although we are very proud of this great achievement, OnTheList is only at the beginning of the journey as it looks to become a B Corp™ in other markets also over the coming years – doing more for members, employees, the community and the environment as well as playing an important role in inspiring and helping other APAC businesses to also follow and become B Corp™ certified.

What is 1 tip you give that we can practise leading a sustainable lifestyle?

The first step is to look at what you already have and own. If what you have is sufficient, there is no need to buy new items!

I believe that the fewer we consume, the better the environment will be. If you do need to purchase, you can then buy quality items that are made to last you a lifetime. It will definitely help in saving resources too.

If you can, practice the 5Rs – repair, recycle, reduce, reuse, refuse.

How can I get involved with OnTheList?

Simple! All you need to do is to sign up to be our exclusive member to be invited to our various events.

Members are invited by an e-mailed barcode to our showrooms or pop up stores for the 3 or 4-day event. They can also access our e-commerce platform 24/7 with the member ID.

Our showroom is currently located at 30 Raffles Pl, #02-20 Change Alley Mall, Singapore 048622


For the week of 19th April, OnTheList will be celebrating Earth Week!

RETYKLE, the leading circular retail platform for kids, will be selling their preloved designer clothing at 50% – 90% off their retail price.

We will be holding an exclusive beeswax wrap workshop to teach you how to make an alternative to plastic cling wrap and we will be selling a range of products to help you reduce your waste too!

Sign up to be our exclusive member and check out our offerings!