Small Steps To A Better Planet

At The Sustainability Project, we believe that everyone can be an advocate for a better planet


To live in a world where climate change is no longer a threat to humanity.


To transform everyone to be an advocate for a better planet by

  • Educating what sustainability truly means

  • Inspiring you to take small steps

  • Doing good and being changemakers in the community.

To Educate. Inspire Action. Do Good.

To Educate

We first started off as a blog in June 2017 to share our knowledge and passion for sustainability. Our education efforts have subsequently expanded to include
• Talks
• Workshops
• Programmes
• Trips
• Training
• Exhibition Set Up
• Knowledge Partner
• Information Sharing on Social Media

Inspire Action

We want you to take a step (no matter big or small) to incorporate sustainability into your life!

Ways to inspire you to take action
• Shop sustainable swaps
• Workshops
• Social media campaigns
• Adopting used packaging
• Engaging Our Consultancy Services
• Being our stockists
• Working With Us To Make Your Businesses more sustainable
• Sustainable Brand Consultancy

how can we be hummingbirds
mindful purchases

Do Good & Be A Changemaker

We want to continue inspiring the next generation to do good, be change-makers and drive change for Mother Earth.

Do good with us by
• Volunteering
• Supporting A Million Books
• Adopting/Donating Used Packaging
• Participating in Beach Clean ups
• Planting trees
• Sorting pre-loved clothes

Why Work With Us?


Established in 2017, we were one of the first few brands that launched in Singapore with the aim to push for sustainability.

We were the pioneers in introducing

  • Products such as reusable facial rounds, hemp scrubbies, soap flakes 
  • Introducing the concept of imperfects
  • Encouraging the use of used packaging


Having a passion for over 10 years, we aren’t lying when we say we are tree huggers!

But, don’t worry, we are realistic when in comes to sustainability and we believe in taking small steps in this journey.


We will be with you along the whole journey to share insights, thoughts, comments and most importantly, our experience.

If you have any questions regarding sustainability, we are here to help you, to our best ability!

Most Importantly Of All


The environment comes first in every decision that we make.

We believe that everyone can make a change and we are here to help you make the change. 

Whether you are an individual, organisation, small business or NGO, you can take small steps to help the planet.

Take Your First Step With Us Today

Our Team Of Tree Huggers

Just a small group of individuals, trying our best to make the world a better place!

Jo (Founder)

Jo has been passionate about sustainability and the conservation of the environment since 2011.

Her passion inspired her to create a blog that aims to share tips related to sustainable living. It later developed into a shop that focuses on selling a range of zero waste products to promote the vision of “Sustainable Living Made Easy” in Singapore.

The Sustainability Project was further developed to assist corporations to integrate sustainability into their strategy, inspire others and build the community.

She continues to grow her passion towards the environment and strives to inspire those around her to take a step towards sustainable living.


Cecilia is a creative & reflective thinker who aims to empower social change through impactful projects.

She enjoys writing content & creating immersive designs that speak to people. In which, she is constantly exploring her versatility as a creator to inspire different groups of people in tackling social issues.

She looks forward to enabling people from all walks of life to be changemakers in their own communities!