A tropical forest, one of Singapore's natural spaces

Playing a Part in Conserving Singapore’s Natural Spaces

A wildlife oasis—a term that aptly describes Primeval Singapore when over 90% of our land area was covered by forests. Fast forward to 2021, the story of Singapore’s natural spaces couldn’t be more different. Did you know, over 99% of our…


So, Your Trash Goes To The Incineration Plant. Now What?

Before the start of leading a more conscious lifestyle, I always had this assumption that biodegradable items are much better for the environment because it can break down. After all, we have been taught for a long time that…

Green Talk

Interview with Package Pals

Is your home full of packaging materials that you have kept since lockdown that you cannot bear to waste? Well, you would be glad to learn of Package Pals! Package Pals is a circular packaging initiative that aims to…

Sustainable Business

Blazing the Trail – Ricoh’s Comet Circle

If you‘ve been involved in the sustainability sector, like we have here at Ricoh, you most probably would have heard of the term ‘circular economy’. For governments, corporates and even individuals, the term ‘circular economy’ has become a key…