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  • eco films

    Eco Films – Films with an Eco Twist

    Mention eco films and the thing that comes to mind would probably be wildlife documentaries. But eco films are more than just wildlife documentaries of a leopard sneaking up on an…

  • panic

    Yes, We Want You To Panic

    Imagine holding something you love the most. Just that, this item is now slowly burning in front of your eyes and being destroyed bit by bit. What do you do? Watch…

  • ecobricks

    Ecobricks: Plastic Solved

    There are 25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean and every day, each person in Singapore throws away 13 plastic bags.  Yes, that amount is no longer a shocker…

  • Ugly Food

    Embracing Ugly Food Reflects Your Inner Good

    “Make sure to pick the best-looking apple, all right?” “If it’s bruised, it’s probably rotten on the inside!” “It has spots so it must be bad…” Are these phrases familiar to…

  • Others

    5 Reasons Why You Should Visit EarthFest

    EarthFest is a Singapore festival that is designed to be sustainable, fun and inspirational for all ages. It features a food fair of delicious international and new age planet-friendly foods, a…