• Aleppo Soap (40% Laurel)


    Born in the fortress of Aleppo in Syria about 2,000 years ago, the Aleppo soap is possibly at the origin of the first hard soaps in the world. It is…

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  • Bamboo Cotton Buds


    Make the switch from the usual plastic cotton buds!  These cotton buds are made from bamboo which is a renewable resource and is durable. Each box has 100 sticks. Vegan…

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  • Bamboo Toothbrush


    Most of us would use up to 300 toothbrushes in our lifetime. Conventional plastic toothbrushes are unrecyclable and almost impossible to break down. Make the simplest switch and keep plastic…

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  • Beauty Cleanser


    Everyone's go-to cleanser for all tools – including makeup brushes. This beauty cleanser provides you with an easy and fast way to clean your makeup brushes and beauty blenders!  Vegan,…

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  • Cleaning Tablets


    These tablets deliver a mighty cleaning punch with naturally derived & biodegradable ingredients. Each tablet creates 500ml of magic non-toxic cleaning solution. Vegan, Natural Scroll down for more details to…

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  • Coconut Scrub Brush


    Replace your plastic cleaning brushes with this multipurpose and biodegradable brush to deliver a superior clean! Scroll down for more details to make an informed decision.

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  • Conditioner Bars


    Unlike regular conditioners, these conditioner bars are solid and not contained in plastic bottles. All conditioners are organic and free from synthetic fragrances, sulphates and parabens.  Vegan, Natural, Handmade Scroll…

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  • Dental Corn Floss (Mint)


    Flossing is an important part of our daily lives and our natural compostable corn dental floss is here to help you! It is made from corn, a compostable option and…

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  • Dishwashing Bar


    This Dishwashing bar is a cleaning powerhouse with a rich, sudsy lather. It can help to make your dishes clean and sparkly. You can even use it for cleaning-duty all…

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  • Facial Round Container


    The handy accessory for storing your facial rounds! Scroll down for more information.

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  • Facial Square


    These facial square are ideal for removing makeup or applying facial toner. A great way to eliminate disposable cotton balls and facial rounds from your bathroom! Handmade Scroll down for…

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  • Hemp Soap Bag


    Save your soap bars and exfoliate at the same time by this hand made crochet hemp bag! Simply place the soap in the soap bag, pull the cord, and treat…

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