The Sustainability Project aims to inspire our customers to adopt a zero or
low waste lifestyle. This is a summary of our impact, to date.

Educated 22,000 Readers Every Month

In our blog, we share more about tips on how to lead
a sustainable lifestyle, interview other green business owners, feature sustainable businesses and share other
related information to sustainability.

Helped More Than 5,200 Individuals Transit Into A Zero-waste Lifestyle

This is done by influencing the adoption of
a zero-waste lifestyle and sharing knowledge
through our talks and events!

Eliminated More Than
3,000 Plastic Products

Through the sale of reusable products to encourage
our community to reduce their usage of plastic products.


Gave More Than 2,500 Unused Boxes
A Second Life

By reusing unwanted or used boxes for our online orders,
we have saved a huge amount of waste by giving it
a second life.

Exposed More Than 10,000 Of
Our Instagram Followers To
Sustainability Issues

We aim to inform our followers on the current issues on sustainability and, encourage and inspire them to
do their part to reduce waste.

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