The Sustainability Project reduces waste by reusing unwanted packaging materials to pack your orders without compromising protection.

After all, don't you agree that it is the products that matter the most? 🙂

One man's trash is another man's treasure. Your packaging waste is our treasure!

We never believed in buying new packaging, with it being a major waste stream and used for a few hours only.

Since 2018, we have been collecting unwanted and used packaging from our suppliers, followers, customers, friends and of course, our team! The packaging is then reused to pack our online orders. P.S don't be surprised to receive your parcel in cereal boxes!

We also try to avoid the use of disposable plastic materials when packing orders so that our customers can recycle the packaging. Feel free to repurpose the packaging as useful items before tossing them into the recycling bin!

Since 2018, we have managed to give over 3,000 packagings a second life and successfully avoided the purchase of new packagings!

Below shows a list of packaging materials we use:

  • Unwanted and clean boxes

  • Unwanted stickers

  • Unused envelopes

  • Scrap fabric

  • Magazine paper

  • Recycled paper bags

  • Unwanted baking papers

If you wish to donate unwanted packaging to us, do schedule an appointment here to drop off the packaging items at our showroom!

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