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Say goodbye to plastic sponges!

This loofah dish scrub is crafted from the luffa fruit. It is best used as a household cleaning product for scrubbing pots and pans.

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This loofah dish scrub is crafted from the luffa fruit. It is best used for scrubbing pots and pans but alternatively, as a household cleaning product to scrub tiles, showers, sinks, and other surfaces.

The dish scrubs are made of 2 pieces of loofah tightly sew together with a handful of its fibre in between, making them thicker and more comfortable to use. Unlike plastic sponges, loofah ones leave no microplastic on your kitchenware, which secures your next meal from being contaminated. They are non-scratch and suitable for any type of cookware.

Care Instructions

The dish scrubs are compressed flat upon arrival. Just put them in warm water for 2 minutes and they will return to their regular shape. Wash the dishwashing soap off after use, shake off water, and keep them somewhere dry.

Unused sponges can be stored for years in a dry place free of dust. The sponge should be replaced when it becomes too squishy to clean your cookware.


Unbleached loofah

Made In


End of Life Treatment


Length: 10cm
Width: 7cm

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