The Step Towards Zero Waste For Businesses

Join our goal of saving 20,000 pieces of packaging by 2025.

The Zero Waste Packaging Initiative is a ground-up movement started by The Sustainability Project.

The main aim is to encourage businesses to adopt a circular packaging system, provide support and recognise businesses who reduce their waste through these means.

Packaging is defined as the item that is used to hold your products when you deliver it to your customer.

Packaging Saved Up To Date: 10,810

Aug 2020 886 Pieces of packaging
Sept 2020 880 Pieces of packaging
Oct 2020 711 Pieces of packaging
Nov 2020 762 Pieces of packaging
Dec 2020 1327 Pieces of packaging
Jan 2021 612 Pieces of packaging
Feb 2021 594 Pieces of packaging
Mar 2021 753 Pieces of packaging
Apr 2021 759 Pieces of packaging
May 2021 1063 Pieces of packaging
June 2021 1673 Pieces of packaging
July 2021 790 Pieces of packaging

Support You Receive

  • Advice on how best to practice zero-waste packaging
  • Get access to used packaging, in partnership with Package Pals
  • Group chat with other business owners to help facilitate communication

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How It Is Done By All Of Us

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Participating Brands

Keen To Adopt Our Packaging?

We do sell our used and clean packaging at a nominal fee to others who need it for their events, organisation or activities. Simply drop us an email!

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