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The nature of a project is that it occurs in many various phases and that is an element that we tapped on.

We see the adoption of sustainable living as a step by step process, very similar to a project.

Because sustainability is the main essence of the business, we decided to go with “The Sustainability Project”!

We aim to encourage and inspire the adoption of low or zero waste lifestyle in as many lives as possible.

While we do sell products that help ease the transition into a low or zero-waste lifestyle, but this is only part of our business!

We also regularly blog about current sustainability issues, run workshops and educational trips, and participate in various events and roadshows around Singapore, all of through which we aim to educate and inspire as many people as possible about leading a sustainable lifestyle.

Do check out more about our aims and goals at

We try our best to prioritise local suppliers and distributors, through which we source 70% of our products.

From an economic point of view, every dollar spent on locally produced goods generates more income locally and benefits the local community at large.

From an environmental standpoint, this reduces the environmental cost of transport – think about the amount of gasoline and fuel that you save for your locally-made product to reach you!

Check out each individual product’s page to find out where they are manufactured, and contact us for detailed information.

We take into account several factors when pricing our products.

For one, labour can be costly when you consider how each item is a culmination of time, energy and heart, especially for handmade and/or local products.

We are also particular about how we choose which products to sell to you – we do our research to ensure that the manufacturing process for each product sold is ethical and fair.

On our end, we also check each item before packing them individually by hand and precious time goes into sourcing of optimal reused/old packaging for your products.

As such, our prices ensure a 100% guarantee on our product quality!

Most items that are being sold in our shop is plastic free and we ship plastic free too.

We do save some plastic bottles and give them a second life!

Using unwanted packaging is the core of our business, so do not be surprised if your order is being packed in old or used boxes.

After all, don’t you agree that what matters the most is the product inside?

Learn more about our packaging policy here!

We’ve recently launched the Zero Waste Packaging Initiative in partnership with Package Pals.  It aims to encourage businesses to move towards zero waste packaging by re-using packaging. Learn more about it here!

If you require new packaging, please give us a heads up in the “Comments” section!

If you wish to donate unwanted packaging to us, do schedule an appointment here to drop off the items at our showroom!

Yes! If you are interested in wholesale ordering please contact us at and we will get in touch with you.

Yes, we do!

A percentage of our net profits will go towards environmental efforts or projects that are concentrated in Singapore (For example, Plant-A-Tree Initiative, Plant-A-Coral by NParks).

We want to ensure that not only are we helping people transform their lifestyle, we are also doing our part for Mother Earth.

You can contact us directly through our website, drop us an email at or WhatsApp us at 8316 0845!

When a product reaches its end-of-life, it no longer serves its primary function. There are different treatments depending on their materials to reduce waste.

Recyclables – these include paper, metal (excluding stainless steel), glass (excluding borosilicate glass), plastic. These items can be disposed of in the recycling bin and be processed at a recycling plant.

Compostables – these include natural materials such as wood, cotton and bamboo. These materials disintegrates in the environment without leaving any harmful residues.

Landfill – these include fabric that are not cotton, stainless steel and silicone which cannot be recycled domestically in Singapore and other synthetic materials such as nylon and borosilicate glass.

Repurpose – repurposing your items when they reach their end-of-life helps to extend the lifespan by giving it a new function! For example, a collapsible cup that’s no longer leakproof can be used as a normal drinking cup in your home or office.

Refill and reuse – many products are actually designed to be reusable and refillable so that we generate as little waste as we can! For example, beeswax wraps can have their beeswax reapplied, toothpowders and dental floss can both be refilled.

Yes! We do have stockists that sell our products! Please refer to the link below for our list of stockists.

We do accept pre-orders! You can always pre-order whenever our products are out of stock.

Please email us at to preorder 🙂

Yes, we do!

Simply snap a picture of your Student Card or Ez-Link card and send it to our email ( for verification purposes to receive a 10% coupon code, which you can enter at the checkout page.

We do accept walk-ins!

However, it will be safer for you to book an appointment on calendly as we may be out for events.

We don’t want you to make a wasted trip.

We accept Credit Card, Paynow, Paylah and Active Wallet.

For Paynow, Paylah and Active Wallet, instead of ordering on the website, do email or direct message us on our social media to order.

We accept Cash, Paynow, Paylah and Active Wallet.

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