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Replace paper coffee cups with these functional and chic reusable cups!

Stojo collapsible cup expands to hold your every whim and folds into a leak-proof disc when you’re done.

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These patented Stojo Collapsible Cup is made with the idea of creating the perfect reusable cup for people who live on the go! Take it with you everywhere, and you’ll always be ready for a spontaneous cup of coffee or a hearty helping of porridge.

Key product features of the Stojo Collapsible Cup:

  • Quickly collapses and expands; compact
  • Leakproof
  • Optional silicone straw makes it perfect for iced beverages and smoothies.
  • Made from safe, recyclable materials.
  • Comes with heat sleeve that folds up into a cup when collapsed, provides stability.

How Many Disposables It Can Replace

One Stojo Cup can replace 1,000 disposable cups.

Care Instructions

Dishwasher and microwave safe.


Recyclable materials such as food-grade silicone, Polypropylene lid and heat sleeve. Exclude phthalates, glues and BPA.

Product Consideration Checklist

A list of considerations you will need to take before purchasing the product. Kindly refer to our Instagram post (click here!).

Made In

China (Designed in New York City)

End of Life Treatment

Body: Repurpose, Landfill  |  Lid (with silicone cover removed): Recyclable 

Cup capacity: 16 oz / 473ml

Additional information

From Our Experience


Please refer to Shipping & Deliveries for more information.


14 reviews for Collapsible Cup | Stojo

  1. Shermin

    Not only do they look good, but they also work perfectly! I love it!

  2. Jil (verified owner)

    Bought a stojo along with a cup carrier from this store! Best purchases this year by far 🙂

  3. candice.gsx

    Bought one in black and loving it so far. Although I’d prefer not to use the straw as I use it mostly for hot drinks. Perfect gift for friends who are keen to start on a zero-waste journey.

  4. Hazirah

    Got one for my brother. I think it makes a perfect gift for anyone!

  5. Diana (verified owner)

    I love this cup so much that I bought five more to gift to my closest friends who are teh/kopi-loving folk! Might consider getting a few more for other buddies who’d enjoy this.

  6. Natasha (verified owner)

    I love this cup so much! It’s really convenient to bring around because it doesn’t take up a lot of space in my bag and isn’t as heavy as I thought it would be. I’d recommend using a cup sleeve after filling the cup with hot beverages as the cup would become hot to the touch. That aside, the cup is perfect for anyone who are keen to start on a zero waste journey.

  7. Joy

    I love my collapsible cup! It’s really convenient because it’s so compact and does not take up much space in my bag. I love that it’s big enough for all my iced drinks because the previous tumblr I used is always too small

  8. Petrie (verified owner)

    Bought 2 for my kids’ tutors for Teacher’s day, in a way also encouraging them to bring their own cups out for tabao.

    I’m surprised the Stojos look lovely and aesthetically pleasing as i only see them online. Ordering & delivery were smooth & hassle-free too 😊

  9. Tan Erica (verified owner)

    Cups were amazing!!! Got it as a farewell gift for my colleagues and manager, they both feedback that this cups were really handy and practical! On top of that, customer service was above and beyond what was needed! Thank you for the wonderful experience 🙌🏼

  10. Jgoeszerowaste

    Got navy-white stojo cup at their pop up store events at Tampines1.
    Had been using the cup for almost a month and still loving it!
    Bought bubble tea, coffee, tea, hot and cold and put in stojo before. Safe and easy to use. Most importantly, it doesnt take up much space!
    Great gift for upcoming xmas. Secretly telling your friend to go green. =D

  11. Sonia (verified owner)

    I love the stojo and I use it everyday. It can store hot and cold but I use it for teh ping and bubble tea usually.

  12. Grace

    Love the stojo cups I got from The Sustainability Project! Works perfect as a gift as I bought almost 1 in every colour for my loved ones & friends last Christmas. Used it for almost 6 months now and it’s still in good quality and colour. Everytime I drink from my personal stojo cup in my favourite colour, I’m reminded & glad that I’m doing my part for the environment at the same time! ◡̈

    Thanks for the inspiration & encouragement for us to live in a better Earth, The Sustainability Project!

  13. Stellz (verified owner)

    This has been so useful and its so convenient and compact!! My teh bings have found a home. Definitely a go to for birthday presents!

  14. Anna

    Love this stojo cup!! It’s not only cute but very convenient with the foldable style coming with silicone straw:))
    It’s compact and light weight, I carry everywhere <3

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