Smoothie Straw

Smoothie Straw with Straw Cleaner

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Reusable stainless steel straws that come with a straw cleaner.

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Sip sustainably by replacing plastic straw with reusable stainless steel smoothie straw. Eco-luxe and oh-so-chic, our on-trend rose gold edition is a unique twist on the classic and a must-have for seriously Instagram-worthy smoothies and juices.


Crafted from #304 food-grade stainless steel colour plated with rose gold

Non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals found in plastic straw

To Offset Its Carbon Emissions

To use it 149 times.  One stainless steel straw is responsible for using 2420 kJ of energy, releasing 217 grams of carbon dioxide.

Care Instruction

Dishwasher safe

Made In


End of Life Treatment


Your Guide To Purchasing A Reusable Straw

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8mm diameter

21.5cm length

Additional information

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9 reviews for Smoothie Straw with Straw Cleaner

  1. Pamela

    i love this straw! i have tried other metal straws before, and i noticed the circumference of this straw is slightly wider and easier to drink from. great for drinking passionfruit and soursop drinks too! plus it’s so pretty! 🙂

  2. Rachel

    I LOVE THIS. I usually hate drinking water, but this makes me want to drink more since it’s so pretty. (Also makes me feel less guilty about using straws since it’s made of metal and not plastic.)

  3. Mervin

    THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THIS STRAW TO SINGAPORE! I was looking for it for a really long time & I’m glad I found one that met my needs. The rose gold one has a fairly wide opening & cleaning is effortless (thanks to your straw cleaner). I’ll definitely try to use this over plastic straws next time!

  4. Devinna

    I am absolutely in love with this pretty straw. It’s wider than the usual straw so it makes is quiet versatile to use for various drinks and desserts, it doesn’t have the metal taste and very pretty too. I use it often to drink with my iced beverages. I realized that I actually would search for this straw instead of the usual plastic one. Definitely worth buying!!!

  5. Natalie (verified owner)

    I love it so much! Thanks for making sustainability cool! 🙂

  6. ZX (verified owner)

    Excellent color, angle (bent) & thickness! Compatible with Starbucks cold cups!

  7. ZJ (verified owner)

    Great straw! Really love the colour and size (:

  8. Pewpew (verified owner)

    I bought these for my family so that we can stop using plastic straws provided outside! The company is very responsible, thank you for the excellent service!

  9. Ely (verified owner)

    Really love this straw so much because it looks so aesthetically pleasing, and it has a very versatile width!! Looking forward to using it often! 🙂

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