Wanting to embark on a more sustainable lifestyle but spending way too much time worrying about climate change? We get it too. The constant influx of negative news about climate change can be demoralising if you are just starting out on your eco-conscious journey. It does not help that climate change books tend to preach the same doom and gloom too. 

Fret not, here are five book recommendations to help you navigate climate despair while giving you plenty of hope for the future! 

The following books are available to borrow as physical copies or e-books from the public libraries in Singapore. Browse them through the NLB app, or head to your nearest neighbourhood library to pick up these titles!


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1) A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety: How to Keep Your Cool on a Warming Planet

Sarah Jaquette Ray

Spending way too much time worrying over climate change news? You might be experiencing climate anxiety, a specific type of anxious state correlated with concerns about the environment. Learn how to keep a state of calm while doing your best in saving the planet. This book provides a helpful psychological guide to do just that. 

My review: A must-read for young climate advocates! The author is a teacher of environmental studies at a junior college level, so the writing is accessible and super relatable. Reading this book definitely boosted my confidence in the climate movement. It also provided a lot of helpful mental tips I would share with friends too.


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2) The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis

Christiana Figueres, Tom Rivett-Carnac

A riveting take on how our climate futures may look like depending on our actions today. Although there is doom and gloom, the authors paint an optimistic alternative where the right decisions today can lead to a healthier earth in the future. With a step-by-step guide, this book provides realistic advice on what individuals, corporations and governments can do in the present for a carbon-neutral world. 

My review: Listen to this book as an audiobook for added effect as the authors themselves narrated it! I appreciated how the book covered the big picture problems that go beyond individual efforts. It’s a perspective we often miss in green campaigns that tend to overemphasise consumer habits. 

3) Minimal: How to simplify your life and live sustainably

Madeleine Olivia

Struggling to find practical ways to incorporate sustainable habits into your everyday life? Pick up a few tips from this book, ranging from reducing your plastic waste to adopting more eco-friendly practices inspired by minimalist living. Madeleine Olivia is also a YouTuber who makes content on sustainable living and vegan recipes, do check her channel out for even more helpful tips on creating a more sustainable lifestyle. Every small act matters! 

My review: A fuss-free read with easy tips to apply right now. I really liked how the author tied in the values of minimalism with sustainability, and covered a whole range of lifestyle topics (such as beauty and diet). The infographics really helped break complex ideas down into simple action tasks too. 

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4) All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Katharine K. Wilkinson

This book is a collection of essays that feature women and girls who have been involved in the climate movement – as activists, scientists and leaders amongst others.  Mixing a range of research as well as poetry and art, this book provides a much-needed boost of confidence in humanity’s progress towards a greener future. 

My review: A refreshing and inspiring read after reading much more heavier books on climate change. I never really considered how feminism intersected with climate justice until I read this book. This book features a diverse range of perspectives and grassroots efforts, so it was a very mind-broadening experience!


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5) Under a White Sky: The Nature of the Future

Elizabeth Kolbert

Equal parts devastating yet inspiring, this book follows the big aspirations of climate change fighters across the world. As the book documents how scientists, researchers and engineers attempt to find solutions to the climate crisis. In doing so, it delves into the extraordinary hopes and dreams of a green future for humankind. Pick this book up for some inspiration and motivation from those at the frontiers of the climate movement. 

My review: If you’re more of a sciency person, you might enjoy this book more! This book has a greater emphasis on the environmental consequences of climate change as compared to the other books above. There’s a lot of factual information tied in with reflections by the author from time to time. Overall an educational and interesting read!


Reading books is a great way to get more information on the climate crisis and to incorporate more sustainable habits in our day to day activities. If you are an avid reader, do consider borrowing from the public libraries, swapping with friends or buying second-hand copies as eco-friendly options.