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Laundry Powder (Lemon Scented)


Homemade lemon-scented laundry powder made with 3 simple ingredients – washing soda, baking soda and coconut soap.

They are packaged in used plastics containers that we collected and rescued!

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Note: This is a refillable product. Simply bring your own containers when you visit our showroom. Make an appointment here!


An All-In-One natural Laundry Powder that is safe for everyone and any fabric. Suitable for Standard and HE machines as well as all kinds of fabric, including delicates, wool and silk.

Free From SLS, Dyes, Optical Brighteners, Preservatives, Unnecessary Chemicals, Animal Testing

They are packaged in used plastics containers that we collected and rescued! If you want to have it packaged in a paper bag instead of a used plastic container, do let us know by indicating it in the comments section when you check out.


Baking Soda – Removes stains and odours from soiled laundry.

Washing Soda – Acts as a water softener and removes stains.

Coconut Soap – Made from sustainably sourced organic coconuts and is ideal for even the most sensitive skin, making it suitable for baby laundry and delicate wear. It is low in suds as it does not contain sodium lauryl sulphate.

How much to use for 1 load of laundry

1 load of laundry (15g) | 1kg will last approximately 60 loads of laundry

  • Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda to 1 tablespoon of laundry powder to get rid of the smell

How to use it

Add 1 – 2 tablespoon of laundry powder to one load, depending on the load size and soil level.

Made In


End of Life Treatment

Laundry powder: Refill and Reuse  |  Plastic container: Recyclable

100g, 250g, 500g, 750g, 1 kg

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