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Cup Holder

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Eliminate those plastic sleeves that come whenever you purchase a drink.

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Portable and practical, this cup holder fits the average Kopitiam and bubble tea cups!


Canvas for all fabrics except

  • Cotton: Bees, Watermelon
  • Waterproof: Bear, Blue Shiba, Cat Mint, Dog (Yellow), Flowers on Navy Blue, Flowers in the Garden

Made In


End of Life Treatment


Expected to fit all cup sizes and have been tested on vendors such as Liho!, Gongcha, Koufu, Kopitiam etc.

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3 reviews for Cup Holder

  1. Haz

    Great replacement for the usual plastic cup holders! Durable and cute designs 🙂

  2. Rachel (verified owner)

    I love my cup holder! The designs are really lovely and I get comments on them whenever I whip them out at bubble tea places (:

  3. Caline

    I love my cup holder because it’s so cute and provides a good fit to my KOI bubble tea cups. It’s such a a convenient way to reduce single-use plastics – which can actually amount to a whole lot!

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