Beeswax Wrap

Beeswax Food Wrap

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These beeswax food wraps are a reusable alternative to plastic cling wraps.  They are made with love in Singapore using 100% cotton, jojoba oil, tree resin, and beeswax.

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Replace the plastic in your kitchen with a good for the earth, sustainable alternative. Reusable beeswax food wraps may be utilised just like a plastic wrap, snap lock bags, and plastic bags. 100% plastic-free, sustainable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

To use it, use the warmth of your hands to make the wrap cover your food and hold its shape. You can use it to wrap cheese, fruits, vegetables, bread or as a bowl cover. The beeswax food wrap is great for so many things, but please avoid meats, liquids and hot things, so as to keep the beeswax intact.

These beeswax food wraps might either be packaged minimally or fully, dependent on your preference. Kindly leave a comment when ordering, otherwise, it will be shipped at random. Designs are also shipped at random, unless requested at checkout.


100% cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin

Care Instructions

Take a damp cloth and wipe your wrap clean, or, rinse it off under warm or cold water.  Do be gentle with the wraps as harsh soap or scrubbing will shorten its lifespan.

After washing it, air dry it in a cool and clean area. You can even store your wraps in the refrigerator to prolong its lifespan.


If used every day, the beeswax food wrap lasts for 6 – 12 months. To extend its lifespan, you can consider re-waxing them with our beeswax mending bars, or it can be used as a cloth at the end of its lifespan.

Made In

Handmade in Singapore

End of Life Treatment

Refill and Reuse  |  Repurpose  |  Compostable 

Extra Small: 20cm x 20cm
Small: 25cm x 25cm
Medium: 31cm x 31cm
Large: 36cm x 36cm
Extra Large: 41cm x 41cm

Additional information

From Our Experience

We use it best for wrapping fruits and vegetables as they are proven to slow down oxidation and keep them fresh! Do note that the beeswax wrap does get stickier in Singapore's humidity.

Please refer to Shipping & Deliveries for more information.

6 reviews for Beeswax Food Wrap

  1. Jt

    These are so versatile and the prints are simply chic! Goodbye cling wraps and ziplocks!

  2. Siok Ruo Han

    Very versatile and useful for people from all walks of life! Love that they are super lightweight and easy to store after the finishing up the cookies, especially for a student with tons of books already taking up a majority of space in my bag. Super easy to care too, and I can’t get enough of the smell!!

  3. Charlotte

    My favourite zero-waste product!
    Preserves food much better than the regular plastic film. Plus it’s sooo much easier to use, each time I used the plastic film I’d damage it because it was too fragile, these ones are really reliable!

  4. Hazirah (verified owner)

    I love this so much! I use it to store my half-cut avocado, tomatoes and even onion in the fridge and the cover bowls in the fridge. It’s so easy to use and clean. Quality is great and I’m so glad I finally have a replacement for cling wrap!

  5. Maddie (verified owner)

    It works pretty well and is pretty versatile! It can be a little bit too sticky out of the fridge but it’s nothing too concerning!

  6. Joyce (verified owner)

    A great reusable alternative to cling wrap! And smells great too

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