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Sustainable Living

5 Tips to be a Zero Waste Student

It is April, which means tons of exams and tests are coming up! From a student to another, we tend to get so absorbed in revising that we often forget to think about how we could reduce our waste while studying.

So here are some tips on how to have a sustainable study session!


Collect and use used paper to reduce paper wastage

Sometimes we need to draft out our ideas before we can get a clearer picture. Many times, we usually take out new, fresh pieces of foolscap and we do not realise how wasteful it can be in the long run. So, why not try collecting papers that are used on one side? You can then use it for future drafts as rough paper! You will be really surprised at how much paper you can save with this method, plus it saves you foolscap money in the long run. Do not forget to recycle these papers after you have fully used it!


Bring reusable cups or tumblers for your caffeine addiction

Hands up if you like to study in a café because it helps you to concentrate 🙋‍♀️ I personally love spending my time at Starbucks while finishing my daily revision and other work. Studying with a cup of your go-to drink can really help get you into a productive mood. Why not try bringing your own reusables (cups, tumblers and straws) to help minimise plastic wastage? You get your caffeine fix and productivity at the same time!


Switch to environmentally friendly alternatives for your stationaries

Highlighting your text can really make studying a lot more bearable and adds colours to your life. (Literally!) How about switching from your normal highlighters to highlighting with pencil highlighters? They act like normal highlighters and best of all? Since they are just like pencils, they do not bleed through! If you do not want to buy new supplies, look through your house and find existing colour pencils. They work great for highlighting as well! There are tons of possibilities to try and find something sustainable that suits your needs!


Enhance your filing system sustainably

Staying organised is a good way to be on top of your studying game. It helps you stay focused and rids you of any clutter (Say bye to the times you have to flip your entire house upside down just to find that one document!) We usually look to plastic colour dividers to help us in colour coordinating which section is for what purpose in our files but do you know that there is a simpler, more sustainable alternative? Try collecting used envelopes and use them as your file dividers instead! Since most of them are made from paper, you can easily decorate them to your liking and make one that really shows how unique your filing system is!


With that being said, all the best for any upcoming tests and exams. Do remember to take breaks in between study sessions and just do your best!

Sustainable Living

Zero-Waste Gift Recommendations for this Valentine’s Day

Pssst, just between you and me, are you still figuring out what to get for your loved one on Valentine’s Day? Fret not, we are here to help you! Valentine’s Day is not purely about purchasing something new for your loved one. You can come up with many creative and useful gifts for them!

Deciding on the perfect gift for your loved ones can be quite tricky so we both tips and zero-waste gift recommendations for you!




Arrange a date near memorable places

Honestly, what can get better than revisiting various fond memories you made with your loved one? It can be the place where both of you had your first date, where both of you met or even just the go-to area you both hold dear.

Remember: Valentine’s Day comes only once a year, so it would definitely not hurt to go back and relive some of those precious memories made!

Make a card

Not only are handmade cards great in showcasing your appreciation as well as sincerity for your significant other, but you can also churn out your own unique card! Decorate your card with different memories (eg. polaroids and various memorable items) as well as a heartfelt handwritten message and it will definitely make your partner’s day! Not to mention, you can use what you have at home to showcase your creative side.

If you need a little inspiration, check out how others reuse materials at home to make their cards! Some use scrap cloth and paper to decorate and make their card! You can get creative and add more as you go to make your card truly one of a kind! To get a better understanding of how to do it, you can check out this site here!


Do something meaningful together

Lastly, consider volunteering together! There are tons of areas both of you can extend a hand to so do not worry, there is an event for everyone! Perhaps, your significant other is more into the environment. Well, both of you can take up a volunteering event relating to the environment to not only help out for a good cause, but it also serves as a type of bonding time where both of you can learn why and how passionate your partner is in certain areas!

For one, you can consider joining Youth Corps’ first-ever Veggie Rescue journey with SG Food Rescue with your partner! Not only is this educational and for a good cause, but you also get to see and experience with your partner how this goes, making it extra memorable!



So, if you really feel the need to gift your loved one something for this special day, we have some items that would be practical for him or her!

For the Coffee or Tea drinker

Is your partner one of those people who needs caffeine every day in order to kickstart their day? Well, why not give them a reusable cup to not only help their caffeine addiction but also to reduce waste on the side?

We recommend the SoL Cups which come in different sizes and beautiful colours for the caffeine lovers. We also carry Reusable Teabags for the tea drinker, so they can enjoy a cup of tea without any plastic involved.


Not forgetting the Bubble Tea lover

If your significant other buy bubble tea on a regular basis, why not give them something to help them cut out the plastic cup holders you often get from buying bubble tea or even other drinks? We carry Cup Holders in different cute designs! (You will be pleased to know we tested them on different vendors, and they are expected to fit all cup sizes!)


Spoil them with your cooking

Why not try cooking up a new recipe for them to try? Preparing as well as actually cooking something takes up a lot of effort as well as care! So, to be able to taste your cooking on such an important day, they are guaranteed to feel your overflowing love for them!

To start, you can source at your local wet market for fresh produce! To make this an extra special meal, try using ugly but absolutely still good-tasting ingredients for your meal! Perfectly usable vegetables such as carrots are frequently discarded just because they are deemed too ‘ugly’ to sell.

Not only that, you can plan a picnic date at the park, taking in nature while snacking on delicious food. You know what they always say, the way to one’s heart is through their stomach! You can also check out our store for products such as our Snack Bags or if you prefer the sturdy Stasher Bags for bringing your delicious treats on the go! For bigger meals, we recommend getting the spacious Stackable Bento Box!


Adding to their beauty routine

Taking off your makeup to shower before getting ready for bed has such an incredible, soothing feeling to it. It’s almost as if you are washing and taking off the stress accumulated for the day, prepping a fresh new start. So why not consider gifting your loved one a zero-waste gift that will help them relax as well as cut down on the number of disposables used in their everyday beauty routine?

Our reusable Facial Rounds are here to help minimise wastage while aiding in your beauty routine! You can use them to apply toner or take out your makeup after a long day, but best of all, it is perfectly reusable and easy to clean! (Just chuck it in the wash and set it to ‘delicate’.)


Enhancing their bathing experience

Speaking of showers, I think everyone can agree that nothing is better than a bath after a long day of work. So why not gift them something that would greatly enhance their usual bathroom routine?

We carry Felted Soaps and it cleans like a dream! Not only does it come in different scents so you can do your picking, it is wrapped in Merino Silk wool blend which makes it an excellent natural exfoliant. (Bye bye, loofah!) Not to mention, it looks absolutely gorgeous, making it the perfect gift for anyone looking to spice up their bathroom routine.


To sum up, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy a zero-waste Valentine’s Day with your partner but ultimately, what really makes the day special is the effort and sincerity from both parties. So don’t be stressed and just have fun with your partner!

Sustainable Living

2019 Green Year’s Resolution

Looking back at 2018, I think we can all agree that 2018 marked the spark of something new. With Singapore naming it as the Year of Climate Action, the widespread adoption of banning plastic straws and lids and the evident green movement growing within Singapore, this is without a doubt, THE ‘eco-conscious’ year. It really heartens me to see that we are finally talking about the environment and taking more action overall. With 2018 finally coming to an end, let us not only celebrate this win for our community but also reflect on the next action to take for 2019.

The switch from disposables to reusables do indeed contribute to sustainability but let us all keep in mind that another highly contributing factor to climate change is – buying more than what you need. Just take a look at the changing dates of the Earth Overshoot Days for the past few years. The date marks when the annual demand for goods and services has surpassed the earth’s ability to regenerate new resources. The fact that the date comes a little bit earlier with each passing year is great evidence that we have overconsumed beyond the earth’s limits.

Thus, why not go one step further this year by making one of our new year’s resolution to consume mindfully. It might be a tough challenge to change a high-consumption lifestyle, but here are some beginning tips that can help along the way:


Determine if it is a need or a want.

We can all agree that we get really excited when we see a new product. I’m guilty of this and it is after all human nature! But, hold that thought. Before purchasing the product, why not take a step back to reflect upon the urgency of purchasing it. Ask yourself, will I really use this product frequently? Is this purchased for naught? Do I not have an item at home that can be used to serve the function I am looking for?

For example, before picking up that straw set, ask yourself: do you really need 1 straight straw, 1 bent straw and 1 bubble tea straw even if it’s all at a discounted price? Can’t you just get a single bubble tea straw to fit your needs then, since they are all well, straws?

Simply by taking a step back and reconsidering can help you determine if it is a need or a want!


Finding out how your products are made. 

If we all just purchased products of an unsustainable origin, it will just give companies a reason to continue through with exploiting our environment and producing unsustainably. That more than often gives out nasty byproducts into the atmosphere such as air pollution and more! It is important for us to recognise our power as a consumer. We have the power to make a change by our choices!

So why not, go the extra step to find out if your products are sustainably made or not? Just spend a little bit more time researching or reading up on how the product is being made and what materials are present in the product, can help you make a more informed decision!

By selecting a more sustainable product, it encourages companies who are doing it right. At the same time, it sends the message to companies that consumers are now watching what moves they are making, positive and negative, for our environment which will more than likely further encourage those companies to switch to a more sustainable approach to producing their goods.


Make sure you utilise it as much as possible!

Remember: even if your product was not purchased out of impulse and is produced sustainably if you don’t use it as much, it will likely have only a minor impact on our environment. To encourage usage of your products, do look upon the different options available and compare the pros and cons of using each product!

The ultimate goal is for you to choose a product that you see yourself using for many years or even a lifetime. The product should be able to fit perfectly in your life and bring you more conveniences than troubles. Don’t forget to factor your personal preference into this as well! Don’t worry, getting one made less sustainably but it’s something you are definitely going to enjoy beats everything!

With the year coming to an end and 2019 being the Year of Zero Waste, we hope these tips can help you achieve that goal and aid towards consuming mindfully for 2019 (and for life!).