It is April, which means tons of exams and tests are coming up! From a student to another, we tend to get so absorbed in revising that we often forget to think about how we could reduce our waste while studying. So here are some tips on how to have a sustainable study session and be a zero-waste student!


Collect and use used paper to reduce paper wastage

Sometimes we need to draft out our ideas before we can get a clearer picture. Many times, we usually take out new, fresh pieces of foolscap and we do not realise how wasteful it can be in the long run.

So, why not try collecting papers that are used on one side? You can then use it for future drafts as rough paper! You will be really surprised at how much paper you can save with this method, plus it saves you foolscap money in the long run. Do not forget to recycle these papers after you have fully used it!



Bring reusable cups or tumblers for your caffeine addiction

Hands up if you like to study in a café because it helps you to concentrate 🙋‍♀️ I personally love spending my time at Starbucks while finishing my daily revision and other work. Studying with a cup of your go-to drink can really help get you into a productive mood.

Why not try bringing your own reusables (cups, tumblers and straws) to help minimise plastic wastage? You get your caffeine fix and productivity at the same time while going zero-waste!


Switch to environmentally friendly alternatives for your stationaries

Highlighting your text can really make studying a lot more bearable and adds colours to your life. (Literally!) How about switching from your normal highlighters to highlighting with pencil highlighters? They act like normal highlighters and best of all?

Since they are just like pencils, they do not bleed through! If you do not want to buy new supplies, look through your house and find existing colour pencils. They work great for highlighting as well! There are tons of possibilities to try and find something sustainable that suits your needs!



Enhance your filing system sustainably

Staying organised is a good way to be on top of your studying game. It helps you stay focused and rids you of any clutter (Say bye to the times you have to flip your entire house upside down just to find that one document!)

We usually look to plastic colour dividers to help us in colour coordinating which section is for what purpose in our files but do you know that there is a simpler, more sustainable alternative? Try collecting used envelopes and use them as your file dividers instead!

Since most of them are made from paper, you can easily decorate them to your liking and make one that really shows how unique your filing system is!


With that being said, all the best for any upcoming tests and exams. Do remember to take breaks in between study sessions and just do your best!