Ask all the other small local businesses around and the word most commonly used to describe our feelings now? Fear.

Where does Covid-19 place us? How is the economy going to be? What is going to happen to the environment and humans? When will this all end?

it is all simply a big question mark. But at the same time, we see hope around the world.

Hope of the earth regenerating with pollution being cut down. Hope that there is kindness among one another during this epidemic. Hope that we can all unite and overcome this virus together.



Being A Small Business In The Time Of A Crisis

Never would we have expected Covid-19 to hit us that badly. As businesses who are trying our best to educate the local community among sustainability and steps taken to be a conscious consumer, events that were planned way beforehand were all cancelled. Talks or workshops are all postponed indefinitely. Online sales has also dropped drastically. Honestly, it looks like a dead end.

Being small businesses with limited financial capacity, struggling overhead costs and no other safety net to fall back on, this really is the tough times that we are trying our best to ride through.

I am sure not only are we feeling the impact, but likewise businesses everywhere are also feeling this dire impact of Covid-19. Some might argue that it is an act of nature, to balance things out, to punish us for mistreating the earth.

Maybe it is true – the earth is taking this time to get people to slow down with our lives or maybe even save us. Did you know that it was believed that the Black Death, which killed 100 million people, helped to postpone the Elizabeth energy crisis by 300 years?

Ultimately, even though we do not know why is the virus upon us, we can decide how we want to act with it. The Covid-19 places us, businesses, in a scary place.



Here is what you can do to help local small businesses!

1) Follow and Share on Social Media

The easiest and fastest way you can help is by sharing the brand to your community on any Social Media platforms. Let others know about the brand too!

2) Shop Online, But Please Buy Items You Will Use

It is a tough choice – for the environment or for the sustainability of our small business? To us, we urge you to shop online for the items that you will definitely use as we do not wish for you to incur waste while supporting us.

3) Buy Consumables

In deciding what items to buy, go for consumables as they will definitely be used! This includes soap, deodorant, toothbrush and many more. If you wish to support local, we highly recommend consumables as its carbon footprint is also much lower.

4) Get An E-Voucher

Why not gift your friends an e voucher so that they can purchase whatever they need? This is also another way to avoid waste!

5) Give A Review

It really makes our day when you give us a review to let us know how the product is going for you. Also, it allows us to share your testimonial with the rest of our followers and might even cause them to be interested in these sustainable alternatives.

6) Engage Online Services

Some businesses have launched online services with this epidemic so as to cater to those who are quarantined at home. Attend that online Zumba class that you always wanted to go for and stay fit at the same time!



Your love and support towards local businesses are not limited to these. Feel free to share how else we can show support for local small businesses! On behalf of all the small businesses, thank YOU for helping us to get through this time.

Stay safe, enjoy the solidarity, slow down, be mindful and stay conscious.