Vegan Soap Bar

Vegan Soap Bar

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Choose your favourite scent to smell your best all day!

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Vegan soap bar is handcrafted with botanical ingredients with simplicity and sustainability in mind. All soaps are vegan and free from synthetic fragrances, colours, sulphates and parabens.

All the soaps are suitable both as a facial or body soap!

Care Instruction

Keep soap drained between uses. Place in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight or moisture.


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Net weight: 110g

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4 reviews for Vegan Soap Bar

  1. NH

    Got the Ashberry bar soap and I love how much it foams and how good it smells! Works great on my face too as it is not drying. Will definitely get another once I’m done with this one!

  2. Ama

    The Ashberry one smells great!! Besides the nice scent, I’m really glad that the soap bar doesn’t melt when you leave it in the shower haha. I didn’t manage to get a soap dish but it turned out fine!

  3. Kowshiya

    I’ve been using the Ashberry soap for more than a week now and it left my skin soft and smooth without drying out and it is quite good at removing body odour as well. It has also slightly faded some dark spots/scars I had on my face, maybe with longer use my scars might fade away completely!! The charcoal smell needed a bit of getting used to but otherwise the soap was amazing 😀 Definitely trying out the other flavours~

  4. Cecilia

    Tried the Mint Rose for about 2 weeks now and I really like how the herbs exfoliates my skin! Leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean. Loves the minty and flowery scent after every shower! Ive always been using liquid soap and switching to soap bars was surprisingly so much more convenient as soap bars are easier to use, glad to have made the switch! Also do remember to avoid open wounds due to its exfoliating factor as it might sting.

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