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Save your soap bars and exfoliate at the same time by this hand made crochet hemp bag!

Simply place the soap in the soap bag, pull the cord, and treat yourself to a good scrub.

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Use this hemp soap bag to keep your pieces of soap intact and also provide gentle exfoliation as you soap up. Each hemp soap bag is handmade with love in Singapore and takes about half an hour and 45 minutes.

Hemp is environmentally friendly as hemp production needs no herbicides or pesticides & has low water requirements. Hemp is also naturally resistant to damp, mould, bacteria, moths and silverfish.

All soap bags can fit our Vegan Soap Bars nicely.


Blend of Cotton, Hemp and bamboo. Italy imported yarn.

Care Instructions

Rinse well after use and hang dry between washes. Machine wash in a washing net after a week or two to maintain freshness. Hemp does not peel and will get softer with every wash. We highly recommend you to replace this soap bag every 6 months for hygiene purposes.

Made In


End of Life Treatment


9cm x 10cm

Additional information

From Our Experience

It is best to change it out after 6 months for hygiene purposes!

Please refer to Shipping & Deliveries for more information.

2 reviews for Soap Bag

  1. xy

    I like placing my soap bars into this bag, and it collects all those little pieces of leftover soap yay! It’s lightly exfoliating and gentler than the average loofah scrub 🙂

  2. Kowshiya

    I have very mixed feelings about this soap bag. It’s easy and gentle to use, forms a very soft foam and leaves my skin feeling smooth. Though, the soap bag scrapped off quite of a bit of my soap bar when I left it inside and maybe it’s because of the moisture environment the bag created for the soap but I felt like the soap bar became significantly smaller after 1 week of using the bag when compared to not using the bag. However, as a soap bag, it did collect all the scrapped soap in its nets and I was able to scrub my entire body using just the sponge and the soap stuck in it for 3 baths. Maybe soap bags are meant to do that and I’m just not familiar with it. I also felt like I was wasting quite a bit of soap because there is no exact way to stop the bag from foaming. So even when I’m done with scrubbing, there’s still a huge amount of foam on the scrub which I’d have to just wash off. In the end, I did find out a way that worked out for me, it was to rub my soap bar on top of the bag and insert my hand inside the opening to scrub my body. As a body scrub, I’d rate it as a 5 but as a soap bag, I’d rate it as a 3 and so in between 4 stars.

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