Snack Bag

Snack Bag

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Packing your sandwich to bring to lunch, grabbing bread from the bakery or taking away some light bites with you? This reusable snack bag is a way to eliminate the use of disposable plastic or paper bags.

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These snack bag are a great way to wrap your sandwich, bagel and other food items. It has a 100% cotton exterior with a waterproof liner to help keep food fresher for longer. This means you can place hot food directly into the bag. Each snack bag can fit 4 to 6 buns.

After use, you can either hand wash them or place them in the washing machine and reuse it again and again! The button closure makes it easy to use and secure for your snacks. Do take note that it is not airtight or leakproof.

Care Instruction

Rinse to clean and machine washable. Hang to dry.

How Many Disposables Can It Replace

1 reusable cloth snack bag can replace around 112 disposable plastic bags per year.


Cotton with a PUL lining.

Made In


End of Life Treatment

Re-purpose  |  Landfill

20cm x 20cm

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5 reviews for Snack Bag

  1. nn4deline

    I absolutely love my snack bag! I got the Koala version and not only is it super cute, it holds my snacks pretty well! The wash-up is pretty straight forward as well as I just need to flip out the waterproof lining and just wash it like that!

  2. Hui Ru

    I bought the snack bag in Corgi prints, and I absolutely love it! It’s so cute that it motivates me to use it instead of one-time use plastics for my bread. But the only down side is that I worry about ants getting to my bread or finger food if I want to leave food in it overnight! Kinda hope there would be a Ziplock version instead, but for now this is cool! Right now I just put this into my stasher bag to keep overnight, so that I can have ants-free bread for breakfast haha

  3. Jgoeszerowaste

    Bought panda snack bag at PLQ Mall vending machine. So cute!
    Snack bag had a waterproof interior, no problem putting slighty oily snack like pizza! It is light and convenient to bring around, easy to wash too!
    Having snack bag as part of zero waste journey is really a bonus. You helped saved lots of lots of one time use plastic! =)

  4. Jewel Chang

    As I often buy bread / make bread for my breakfast, I always feel frustrated seeing that I use so much 1 time use plastic. So I got this to use and it’s really convenient and straightforward as well.

    Only thing you have to take note is to really flip the corners out to make sure you clean any crumbs or bits stuck inside!! Other than that it is super easy to clean and use. If there is a zip lock version or drawstring version I think it would help to keep the food safe from ants 🙂

    I wouldn’t recommend keeping food overnight or for long as it isn’t airtight, the silicone ziplock that the sustainability project carries would be more suitable for that. 🙂

  5. Caline

    I use my snack bag whenever I get bread from the bakery and it’s a really great alternative to reduce single-use plastics. It’s foldable and space-efficient (compared to Tupperware boxes), and dries quite easily – pretty hassle-free for daily use 🙂

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