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Glass Straw with Straw Cleaner

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Reusable glass straws for you to sip your next smoothie or bubble tea sustainably!

Each reusable glass straw comes with a cleaning brush for you to clean your straw.

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If you purchase bubble tea on a regular basis,  start with this low-hanging fruit and replace plastic straws with a reusable stainless steel bubble tea straw. It is estimated that there are now 150 million metric tons of plastic in the ocean, with plastic straws making up less than 1 percent.

Sip sustainably with these reusable bubble tea straw which is non-toxic and BPA free. Each straw comes with a cleaning brush for you to clean your straw.

The borosilicate glass used does not retain smell, taste or colour, so feel free to sip on that iced coffee all day long! It’s also more durable than normal glass and can withstand slight knocks (though it will still break if dropped from a height).

Smoothie sized glass straws are available in three different colours (Pink, Black and Transparent), while the bubble tea-sized glass straw is available in only Transparent.

Please note that these straw do not have sharp edges due to safety concerns.


Made from 100% Borosilicate Glass. Non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals found in plastic straws!

To Offset Its Carbon Emissions

Use it 45 times. One glass straw is responsible for using 1105 kJ of energy, releasing 65.2 grams of carbon dioxide emissions.

Care Instructions

Wash with the straw cleaner.

Made In


End of Life Treatment


21.5cm length

Smoothie straws: 8mm diameter

Bubble tea straws: 12mm diameter

Additional information

From Our Experience

As compared to stainless steel straws, you will not feel intense heat or cold when you drink from these straws as they have a form of insulation. Also, you can ensure that it is clean because it is transparent. Just be careful when you are using them!

Please refer to Shipping & Deliveries for more information.

1 review for Glass Straw with Straw Cleaner

  1. JT

    Love these straws! Easy to wash and light to carry around.

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