Curved Condiment Bowl


Support fair trade with these curved bowls handcrafted from remnant woods!

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This curved bowl is great to place condiments such as sauces. It was handcrafted from remnant blocks of wood left over from furniture making by Kenyan craftsmen. Natural wood grains are retained as a form of appreciation of art from nature.

The condiment curved bowl is imprinted with cow bone inlay pieces, harvested from cows that have passed on. The cow bone inlay pieces are made from traditional methods and no cows were purposely culled for it.

Care Instructions

Put into dishwashers and/or dryers, high heat will destroy the wood.
Airdry after wash.

Handwash the curved condiment bowl with a soft sponge and dry after use.
Apply a light coat of pure olive oil or edible oil to keep wood conditioned (once a month or more depending on usage frequency).


100% handcrafted wood

Made In


End of Life Treatment


Each bowl is unique in size.

Depth: 3 - 3.5 cm

Length: 17 - 19 cm

Width: 9.5 to 10cm

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