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  • Sustainable Living

    A Peek Into Veganism

    The ‘V’ word – a word so sensitive or controversial. A lifestyle that was previously labelled extreme, entirely alien, preachy and associated with hippies, is now being viewed with a more…

  • Green Talk

    Interview with Treedots

    Started out by Jiacai, Nicholas, and Tylor, Treedots was formed with the mission of minimising food waste. This is achieved through a self-sustaining ecosystem by aggregating F&B businesses on different points…

  • Others

    Why Embracing Ugly Food Reflects Your Inner Good

    This is an article written by Yasira Yusoff from Food Unfiltered and edited by The Sustainability Project “Make sure to pick the best-looking apple, all right?” “If it’s bruised, it’s probably…

  • Others

    5 Ways To Practice Upcycling At Home

    The content of the article was contributed by Up and Away and re-edited by The Sustainability Project. Were you ever caught in a situation where you have an item you need…

  • Sustainable Living

    A Guide To Sustainable Shopping

    We all love shopping. It is one of the greatest weakness, especially for us – girls. While trying to attempt to live this zero-waste lifestyle, the temptation from shopping for clothes…

  • Sustainable Living

    All About The Humble Brush

    Toothbrush – a daily essential that everyone has to use for good health. But little did anyone expect that a small plastic toothbrush can cause so much harm to the environment.…