You have probably seen us raving and sharing about this product we love so very much – sponge cloth.

And of course, you are wondering to yourself, how is this any different from a regular cloth?

Oh trust us, we were thinking about that too initially. But after using the product, it was a game changer!

So here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about sponge cloths!

Who invented this product?  

All thanks to the Swedish engineer, Curt Lindquist, who was so done with traditional paper towel. In 1949, he managed to create the sponge cloth that is as absorbent as sponge and dries like a towel.

The product is used throughout the various Scandinavian countries and is one of the essentials of their households!


What is it made of?

They are made of 70% cellulose and 30% cotton which allows it to be so much more absorbent than usual paper towels.

Fun fact: Each cloth absorbs up to 15 times their weight

How is this sustainable?

Each sponge cloth can replace about 17 rolls of paper towel! Yes, you heard that right. 17 rolls!

Not only do you reduce the amount of paper you are using, you also get to save money.

How do I use it?

These sponge cloths are multipurpose. You can use it to clean your surfaces, spills (very useful), clean dust and many more.

It is great for materials for cleaning surfaces such as granite, glass, laminate  and stainless steel.

After using, just rinse it and let it air dry!


How often do we wash them?

We usually wash them after every use. But if it is to clean up the spillage of water, there is no need to wash them! 😉

What can I use it with?

You can use it with water, soap and water, or any household cleaner, except for chlorine bleach or chlorine products


Are they reusable?

Yes! Just wash them after use and reuse them over and over again.


How long can it last?

We estimate about 9 months and longer! Once it becomes really thin or is broken down, then you know it cannot be used anymore.  We have been using ours for 9 months and it still works perfectly fine!


How do you get rid of the stains?

We usually rinse it immediately under water and it does come off really quickly.

You can add a little bit of dish washing soap if it doesn’t!

Will it be smelly like usual cloth?

As these dish cloths dry faster than conventional cloth, it prevents germs and bacteria from growing. It is quite rare for it to get smelly in a short period of time.

If you do feel like they smell, just place them in the washing machine for a good wash!


Does it use a lot of water to clean as compared to paper towels? 

Essentially, sponge cloth helps to eliminate the disposable aspect of paper towels. The amount of resources used to make it, produce it and transport it, only to be used for a few minutes before being sent to the incineration plant.

Sponge cloth does indeed take in more water so it is better for cleaning spillages and wiping surfaces!

To save water while cleaning, you can wash it in a bucket to avoid a running tap.

Can I put it in the dishwasher and washing machine?

Yes to both! Do air dry it after washing.


What do I do with it at the end of the life?

You can compost it or continue using it until it has broken down and is no longer absorbent.


Now you know why this versatile product is loved by us and have been a staple in Scandinavian kitchens for years.

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