Shampoo bars –  A revolutionary product that has slowly been integrated back into the community with the rise of climate change and the importance of sustainability.


We used to use that many years back until liquid shampoo was introduced


This might be a saying that you hear your parents or grandparents mention when you introduce to them shampoo bars. Well, it seems like what goes around comes around and we are all slowly going back to the pre-plastic times when we focus more on soap bars instead of liquid soaps.

With more people adopting and trying out shampoo bars, we thought it will be best to answer all the questions we receive about it so that you can have your questions being answered!


How Do I Use A Shampoo Bar?

We recommend 2 ways!

First, you can choose to rub the shampoo directly on your wet hair. Secondly, you can later it between your hands and then apply it onto the scalp.

For the conditioner bar, in particular, do note that it is not supposed to later like your shampoo bar. To use it, run it under water to soften the conditioner and use a combing action down her hair. You might want to try using warmer water for it to lather faster!

How Do I Store It?

When your shampoo is constantly in touch with water, it will “melt” faster than usual. Hence, always remember to keep the bar dry and do air dry it between uses. You can either choose to place it on a soap keeper or place it in a soap bag.


shampoo bar

How Can I Extend The Life Of The Shampoo Bar?

After use, always ensure that the shampoo is dry to ensure it stays solid longer. You can even sun the shampoo to allow it to dry faster!


Are They Suitable For Vegans?

Yes, they are! All of our shampoos are made from plant-based ingredients


What Is The PH Of The Shampoo Bars?

The pH of our shampoos ranges from 6.5-7, which is within the optimum range for shampoos.

What is the importance of this question? Well, a heavily basic (alkaline) substance like baking soda or a heavily acidic one like vinegar – both of which some people mistake as a natural remedy for dandruff – could further aggravate an unhealthy scalp.


How Long Do They Last And How Many Washes?

A rule of thumb:

25g – 1 month or less (20 washes)

50g – 2 months or less (40 washes)

65g – 3 months or less (60 washes)

Do note as these shampoos are highly concentrated, you only need to rub them about 4 to 5 times!

How Long Can I Store The Bars If They Are Not In Used?

2 years 😊 Please do remember to store them in a dry and cool place!

 Which Size Do I Choose?

We made the 25g specifically for you to try it out with the lowest commitment possible! So, if you are using shampoo bars for the first time,  do go with that! Once you are comfortable with using the shampoo bar, you can then consider the 50g or 65g!

Which Scent Do I Choose For My Hair?

Different scents are suitable for various hair types and here is a summary of which shampoo to choose based on your hair type!


How Do You Use The Last Bits Of It?

After using the shampoo bars over time, they do tend to break into small pieces and might pose some difficulty in terms of using.

One hack is to place them in the soap bag to store them. You can also consider dissolving them into warm water to transform them into a soap solution to be used for showering!



There Are Black Spots On My Shampoo! Is That Mould?

Nope, they are not and be reassured that these black spots are normal! The black spots are formed due to the reaction of oils to humidity and water which oxidises the surface and changes the colour.


Can I Keep The Shampoo In The Fridge?

You can, but it is not advisable due to the formation of water droplets with condensation!


Are The Shampoo Bars Safe For Coloured Hair? 

Yes, they are! They do not contain any form of harmful stripping chemicals and is gentle on both coloured and bleached hair.


With that, we hope we helped to answer all the questions about shampoo bars. If not, drop them down in the comments below!