We are all well aware of this fact – Natural products are better for your body and the Earth as compared to those products that are filled with chemicals. But, how often do we actually go about reading the label of our products and how many of us can confidently say that we know which products of ours are 100% natural?

I too must admit that I used to be someone who did not read into the labels and did not care much about what I put on my body.

It was only when I started living a more conscious lifestyle, I started doing more research about ingredients in products. It made me more aware of how chemicals damage our health and the environment too.



That also marks the beginning of Smood! As deodorants are an essential product used on a daily basis, I decided to make the switch to ensure that it is made of natural ingredients, without any chemicals. It resulted in a formulation and product of our very own, made within the comforts of our home!

So, what is the deal with natural deodorant, why is it so important and why should you care?


Diving Into The Issue With Conventional Deodorant!

Unknown to some, ingredients used in conventional deodorant might be causing you more harm than benefit. The ingredients commonly found in antiperspirants and deodorants and to look out for are:

Aluminium – Stops perspiration by blocking your sweat glands. It can also cause “gene instability” in breast tissue, Darbre’s research shows.

Propylene Glycol – Prevents the product from drying. Propylene glycol is a skin irritant and cause allergic reactions.

Phthalates – Gives fragrance and is known to disrupt hormones.

Parabens– Used to prevent fungi, bacteria, and yeast. It can severely throw off your body’s hormone balance.

Also, most conventional deodorants come in plastic packaging that most of us by now would know that it is harmful to the environment.



What To Know When You Switch To Natural Deodorant? 

It is important to know that your body will need time to transit from a chemical to a natural product. Here are some tips on how to transit with ease!

Armpit Detox Time

Armpit detox is the time taken for your body to adjust and reach a new normal. In this case, it is transiting into a non-aluminium option. As everyone’s body is different, do note that your armpit detox time will vary based on your skin type, reaction, and chemistry.

Sweat Is Not Your Enemy

You will need to come to terms with your sweat. It is not a harmful thing! The body sweats to get rid of toxins and to regulate your temperature.

Sweat itself doesn’t stink but instead, it is the bacteria on our skin that creates body odour. The aluminium present in conventional deodorant cause blockage.

When you switch to natural deodorant, those blocks are removed and you might end up sweating more. But be reassured, once you have transited properly, you will not be sweating as much as before.



Say Goodbye To Yellow Stains

The best part of about using natural deodorant is that you can finally say goodbye to those awkward yellow clothing stains on your white shirt you might have encountered previously

As there is no Aluminium present in natural deodorant, it helps to keep your white shirt, well white! Ensure that you apply the correct amount as the deodorant has to be absorbed into your skin. It should not rub onto your clothes.


With that, we hope you have the knowledge to make an informed decision when purchasing natural deodorants next time!

Have any questions in particular about natural deodorants or our brand?  Ask away!