Casa Agave Hand Brush

Casa Agave Hand Brush


Scrub your dishes and vegetables with a multipurpose and biodegradable brush!

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This Casa Agave Hand Brush is a multi-purpose brush that replaces plastic dish brushes. It can also be used to scrub vegetables too! Perfect to use it with the dishwashing bar.

It has a white teakwood handle and medium weight agave fiber bristles making it ideal for general dishwashing.  For the wood handle, we use a different species called White Teakwood that is very fast-growing (similar to bamboo) and even considered a weed in some countries because it grows so fast. Agave fibre bristles are grown, harvested, sun-dried and processed in Mexico using traditional techniques to ensure high quality and strong natural fiber.


 1 – 3 months

Care Instructions

  • To reduce cracking, keep the wood parts dry and do not soak or submerge them in water.  You can oil your brushes to reduce the potential of cracking if you regularly submerge your dish brushes in water.
  • If you find your brush is not staying dry, dip the bristles in vinegar occasionally to help kill bacteria. The white teakwood is naturally antibacterial but the vinegar will help too.
  • Do not rest the Casa Agave Hand Brush on top of your solid dish soap between dish washing sessions, the natural bristles will wick up excess water and cause the handle to crack.

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Los Angeles, USA

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