Green Talk

Interview with REFASH

Many of us have read about the environmental impacts of fast fashion. Whether fashion is just a basic need or an artistic medium to express yourself, what if we told you that you can shop for clothes at a lower…

disposable plastic cups
Sustainable Living

Greenwashing: Are Your Purchases Really Eco-Friendly?

If you’d asked me what’s my biggest takeaway from living an eco-conscious lifestyle, it’s more than just about the Earth.  Being an eco-conscious consumer is more than trying to prolong the longevity of the planet, or saving humankind. To me, it’s about taking every step…


Uncovering The Truth Of Your Fake Eyelashes

If you think that your high-quality falsies and eyelash extensions are made of plastic fibers, guess what? It actually isn’t! Did you know, your falsies and eyelash extensions are made from the fur of an adorable mammal called mink?…

shampoo bar
Sustainable Products

The Complete Guide To Using Shampoo Bars

Shampoo bars –  A revolutionary product that has slowly been integrated back into the community with the rise of climate change and the importance of sustainability.   We used to use that many years back until liquid shampoo was…