sustainable journey
Sustainable Living

Sustaining Your Sustainable Journey

Being sustainable is not an easy as ABC kind of task in Singapore. Having been into sustainability for the past 8 years and finally seeing a real change and movement happen in 2018, it has been a long, unbelievable…

Waterways Watch Society
Green Talk

Interview with Waterways Watch Society

Waterways Watch Society is a non-governmental and non-profit environmental organization, committed to foster appreciation and promote conservation of our environment, especially the waterways in Singapore. Established in 1998, our mission is to bring people together to love our waters…

overripe food
Sustainable Living

Recipes for Your Overripe Foods

In our tropical little red dot, we are not only high in humidity and temperature. We are also high in the amount of food waste generated every year. As we have seen in the recent Zero Waste Masterplan published…

certification schemes
Green Talk

Shopping For Sustainability Series #2: Certification Schemes

Supermarket goods are often supplied by Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies, or companies that produce foods, beverages, household and personal care. With consumers becoming more environmentally aware (yay!), these FMCG companies are starting to understand the importance of adapting…

sustainability realistic
Sustainable Living

Being Realistic About Sustainability

Yes, you believe in climate change. Yes, you know we should act as we do not have much time left. Yes, you attended the climate rally with your friends. Yes, you BYO and be as sustainable as you can.…

singapore waste
Sustainable Living

Exploring the Waste Diary of Singapore

It started as an aspiring personal lifestyle among the eco-conscious community, and now it has become a national goal. In the Year Towards Zero Waste, Singapore aims to reduce the amount of waste disposed into the landfill per capita…

circular fashion
Sustainable Living

Uncovering Circular Fashion

If you are someone who has been keeping up with “eco trends”, you would have definitely come across circular fashion. Many consumers are starting to drive companies to re-think their impact on the environment and adopt more sustainable practices.…