Purchasing Online
Sustainable Living

The True Cost Of Your Online Purchases

So there you are seated in front of your computer, scrolling and scrolling and ha! You finally found that perfect item! One-click and with an express fee or membership, the option to get your online purchases delivered to you…

Sustainable Living

BYO (Bring Your Own) Action

The term “BYO” is not one that is unheard of, with its prevalence in our current society. But, if this if your first time hearing it, BYO is a practice where one brings their own lunch boxes, bottles, cutlery…

eco films

Eco Films – Films with an Eco Twist

Mention eco films and the thing that comes to mind would probably be wildlife documentaries. But eco films are more than just wildlife documentaries of a leopard sneaking up on an unsuspecting deer. They range from family-friendly movies such…

Sustainable Living

Ecotourism and Sustainable Travel

I’ve always dreamt of travelling as a child. I would read about the natural wonders of the world, watch documentaries about UNESCO heritage site. And I would think of the day that I get to visit these places. I…

sustainable journey
Sustainable Living

Sustaining Your Sustainable Journey

Being sustainable is not an easy as ABC kind of task in Singapore. Having been into sustainability for the past 8 years and finally seeing a real change and movement happen in 2018, it has been a long, unbelievable…

Waterways Watch Society
Green Talk

Interview with Waterways Watch Society

Waterways Watch Society is a non-governmental and non-profit environmental organization, committed to foster appreciation and promote conservation of our environment, especially the waterways in Singapore. Established in 1998, our mission is to bring people together to love our waters…

overripe food
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Recipes for Your Overripe Foods

In our tropical little red dot, we are not only high in humidity and temperature. We are also high in the amount of food waste generated every year. As we have seen in the recent Zero Waste Masterplan published…

certification schemes
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Shopping For Sustainability Series #2: Certification Schemes

Supermarket goods are often supplied by Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies, or companies that produce foods, beverages, household and personal care. With consumers becoming more environmentally aware (yay!), these FMCG companies are starting to understand the importance of adapting…