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What can you do for Plastic Free July 2022

Hurray, it’s finally July! And that marks the start of Plastic Free July! It’s my favourite time of the year when I see people sharing their tips and commitment on social media. I did my first Plastic Free July challenge years ago when I was still in university.  Like...

Easy Meatless Monday Recipes

Are you looking for Meatless Monday recipes? Here are eight fairly easy, beginner-friendly recipes from breakfast to desserts. I don’t know about you, but I find some vegan recipes quite intimidating, especially when I just started out in the kitchen. I don’t have...

Eco-friendly Picnics: How To Enjoy Nature Without Hurting It

After long hours of working from home, you might also be one of those who have flocked to our local parks and gardens to enjoy the great outdoors. Us too! We love having picnics to spend quality time with our loved ones while getting some fresh air. But sometimes, we...

How Singapore Businesses Are Building Their Brands With Reused Packaging

This article was originally posted on Milieu.   Packaging has long been regarded as an important aspect of marketing and branding, and has served to boost brand recognition, distinguish brands from competitors and elevate consumers’ perception of a commodity to...

My Personal Journey To Becoming A Vegetarian

This article was written by Laraine. I’ve been a carnivore for most of my life. However, about six years ago, I decided to become a vegetarian. Before becoming a vegetarian, I’d often contemplate the chunk of meat before me, wondering about its life and its untimely...

Buying Sustainability: There’s More Than Meets The Eye

I was literally buying way into sustainability when I first began my sustainability journey. Raised in a consumerist society, I was conditioned to believe that green buying can improve our planet's situation. I had this utmost urgency to make my entire household...

The Journey To Tackle The Issue of Excess Inventory – OnTheList

Most of us might be aware of the problem of surplus food and organisations who work towards saving them going directly into the landfill. But have you ever considered the problem of surplus inventory from brands and which organisation is helping to solve the issue?...

Bubble Tea – Sustainable Or Not?

Bubble Tea – A term that is no stranger to the Asian market, and even the European or other international markets. Did you know? In Singapore, oh boy, do we love our bubble tea, a fact that we aren’t even going to justify. It is so widely loved that it prompted...

What’s Sustainable Reading?

This blog post is written by A Million Books, an initiative that rehomes preloved books and use 100% of the profits to plant trees in Singapore.  ​When I first decided to live more sustainably, it felt daunting to change so many aspects of my life. It didn’t help that...

Natural vs Synthetic Fibres #3: The Moral Costs

Children. Animals. You. That’s what one single thread of fabric fibre can cost morally. Be it natural fibre or synthetic fibre, they both have their fair share of social costs. “Wait, then am I contributing to moral costs too?” In some way, yes. However, as consumers,...

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