climate change refugees

Climate Refugees: The Possible “New Normal” of Singapore

Australian bushfires, of which the recent 2019-2020 season was named “black summer” for its destructive power, taking up to 3 billion wildlife casualties on top of an estimated loss of 33 human lives. Intensifying hurricanes in the Atlantic, with…

A tropical forest, one of Singapore's natural spaces

Playing a Part in Conserving Singapore’s Natural Spaces

A wildlife oasis—a term that aptly describes Primeval Singapore when over 90% of our land area was covered by forests. Fast forward to 2021, the story of Singapore’s natural spaces couldn’t be more different. Did you know, over 99% of our…


So, Your Trash Goes To The Incineration Plant. Now What?

Before the start of leading a more conscious lifestyle, I always had this assumption that biodegradable items are much better for the environment because it can break down. After all, we have been taught for a long time that…