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    Uncovering The Truth Of Your Fake Eyelashes

    If you think that your high-quality falsies and eyelash extensions are made of plastic fibers, guess what? It actually isn’t! Did you know, your falsies and eyelash extensions are made from…

  • Sustainable Living

    The Art of Reusing Containers

    We feel you when we say it might be inevitable to incur takeaway waste during this period. With various F&B businesses disallowing BYO, the demand for single-use plastic products is soaring…

  • Green Talk

    Interview With susGain

    Have you ever wanted to have a one-stop platform whereby you can gain access to BYO locations, recycling points, water refill stations, clothing swap places, charities to donate to, sustainable stores…

  • Green Talk

    Interview With GreenDay

    We recently had the opportunity of interviewing and collaborating with GreenDay, one of Singapore’s largest online sustainable marketplace with over 2,000 sustainable products from 50 brands! Sustainable living is now made…

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    Sustainable Living

    How Covid-19 Shed Light On Sustainability

    Social distancing, quarantine orders, canceled holiday trips, work from home and dealing with increased pressure from unprecedented changes of routines. The Covid-19 outbreak is an unexpected battle that everyone is combating…