Ziploc bags – an essential item that is used in almost every household to store anything and everything. But, wait a minute. What if we told you that Ziploc bags were doing more harm than good and that you could help change that?

So, what’s so wrong with Ziploc bags? You might be thinking “They work just fine for me.”

Well, they might be fine for you, but not for the environment! A study conducted in 2018 showed that Singaporean shoppers take home 820 million plastic bags just from supermarkets each year. That is an average of 146 bags per person and stacked together can cover the land area of Gardens by the Bay 126 times!

Reducing plastic waste is a commitment to your lifestyle and will take time. You can take the first step to replace your Ziplocs with a reusable alternative – Stasher Bags!


What are Stasher Bags?

Designed in California USA, Stasher Bags can help to reduce your plastic waste and also provide a safe and convenient way to store your food and belongings.

Now you might be wondering, how many ways are there to use a bag? I already use Ziploc bags so wouldn’t they just do the same thing?

Firstly, Stasher Bags are made out of silicone compared to regular plastic bags, making them many times more durable and able to carry more inside without the risk of breaking. A single Stasher Bag can last long enough to replace 500 plastic bags!

Secondly, they are microwave, oven, and freezer safe and also spill-proof for temperatures up to 204°C. This means that they can be freely used to cook or store your food, even those containing liquids, for longer periods than a Ziploc.

Lastly, Stasher Bags can be washed easily using a dishwasher or by hand, allowing you to reuse the same bag many times over. If cleaned and maintained correctly, they are meant to be able to last for up to 3,000 uses! However, do note that turning the Stasher Bag inside out will cause it to tear.

stasher bag sizes

There also are 4 different sizes of Stasher Bag: Snack, Sandwich, Half Gallon and Stand Up, making it super convenient for you to choose the correct size to suit whatever you are using it for.




18 Ways to use a Stasher

If you are wondering how to use Stashers, here is a list (non-exhaustive) on how to use them.

For Food

1. Use it as a masher to easily mash food

Place your softened food like boiled potatoes inside the Stasher Bag and use your hands to press and mush it down until soft. It’s even easier to use than a masher!

2. Replace your freezer bag and use a Stasher Bag to store food for long periods in the freezer

Instead of using a plastic freezer bag that may break after a few uses, try switching to Stasher Bags. Since they can withstand temperatures in the freezer and durable, they make the perfect reusable alternative!

3. Store dried foods to prevent them from going stale

Take your snacks and place them inside a Stasher. Do ensure that you try to remove as much excess air as you can from the bag, then seal it air-tight to keep your snacks for longer periods.

4. Make popcorn


Fill your Stasher Bag with popcorn kernels, olive oil, and whatever flavourings you like and then put them in the microwave to make your very own fresh popcorn. Ensure that you keep the bag slightly open when microwaving it!

5. Measure out healthy food portions for eating during the week for meal preparation

Use your Stasher Bag as a fixed serving size for your cooked food when preparing food for the week. Just store them in the fridge after cooking and whenever you want to eat, simply reheat and enjoy your meal! You can try using different sized bags for different foods too depending on your diet to ensure that it is balanced.

6. Use it instead of a glass jar to make overnight oats

Want a healthy but easy to prepare breakfast? Try out using a Stasher Bag to make your overnight oats. What’s more, you can now take your oats to go using the Stasher rather than a heavy and fragile glass jar.

7. Pack lunches

Cut down on paper waste and save space in your bags by using Stasher Bags to store snacks and lunch meals instead of paper bags or containers. Lunches like sandwiches, fruit, or even pasta can be kept safely inside your stasher without spillage!




At Home

8. Keep medicine and prescriptions inside

keep your medicine safe using a stasher

Group and store all your important pills in your Stasher Bag to avoid losing them. Another tip would be to place the entire bag in a prominent location that you can see to remind yourself to take them.

9. Keep treats for your pets

Walking your pets? Store the treats in a Stasher bag instead of zip-locks or plastic bags to reduce plastic use!

10. Keep your jewellery to prevent it from getting damaged

If you are looking for a travel-sized storage pouch for your accessories, a snack-sized Stasher bag is a great alternative.

11. Replace bulky storage containers

Large containers taking too much space at home? Store smaller items like small keychains/craft items or even thumbdrives inside your Stasher Bag to keep them clean and dust-free!

12. Use to store cables and wires to prevent them from getting entangled or damaged

Are your cables getting entangled up together when thrown in your bags? Organise them by storing them in a Stasher before throwing them in your bags and they’ll never get tangled up again!





Out of the House

13. Protect your valuables and mobile devices

put your valuables in a stasher

Heading to the beach or the pool? Store your valuables and mobile devices in a Stasher Bag to keep them out of reach of water while keeping them close to you.

14. Store masks to prevent them from being in contact with any germs

Keep your face masks inside a Stasher bag when you are not wearing them and outside the house. For hygiene purposes, do also remember to properly sanitize them afterward!

15. Throw waste inside when you are out before disposing of it properly

Use the Stasher Bag to keep your trash when you’re out if you cannot find a nearby trash can.

16. Store your gym equipment

using stashers in the gym

For small workout gears like resistance bands, towels, or muscle tape, use a Stasher Bag when bringing them to the gym to keep the rest of your belongings clean and dry.

17. Pack your clothes when going camping

Thinking about going camping or hiking? Use your Stasher Bag to store a fresh set of clothes to protect them even when it rains. Do fold your clothes neatly to fit them inside. Your dirty clothes can just be put back into the bag too to keep the rest of your equipment clean!

18. Use it as a transparent pencil case for examinations

using stashers as pencil case

When your kids need to use a transparent pencil case in school for tests and examinations. Instead of buying one, use a Stasher instead.

With it being so versatile, I’m sure that there are countless other ways to use them besides those already listed.  Now that you have seen our ideas, do try them out, and feel free to leave a comment too if you have any creative ideas worth sharing!