As everyone is aware, coronavirus has spread rapidly around the world causing thousands of death. Based on a research, it causes respiratory illness (like the flu) with symptoms such as a cough, fever, and in more severe cases, difficulty breathing. It spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

With the fear of this highly contagious virus, I am sure there is a burning question in your mind. “Can I still BYO during this period with covid?”


Is BYO still possible now?

It is normal to be worried about BYO during this period. While some F&Bs such as Starbucks and Gongcha have withdrawn their BYO schemes to reduce the risk of contaminated containers or cups spreading the virus, we also see other F&Bs who are still encouraging BYO.

When we asked our followers if they still Bring You Own during this period, 82% of them shared that they are!


BYO Welcomed

Most of the following cafes have procedures to sanitize and clean your items before proceeding to use it. This actually helps to lower the risks of the virus spreading and to keep their customers and workers safe as well!

Here are some restaurants or café that are still accepting BYO:

The Lokal


Toast Box

An Acai Affairs

Bober Tea (Based on the Instagram posts that we posted, many of you are disappointed that bubble tea shop doesn’t accept BYO currently. So this shop will be able to help you continue your bubble tea fever!)

R&B Tea


Bakery Brera

Killiney @ Serene Centre


Riverside Indonesian BBQ @ Plaza Singapura Food Court


Jewel Coffee

Soup Spoon


Maison Kayser

Coffee Bean

KARA Cafe & Dessert Bar


BYO Intentions Welcomed

Foreword Coffee has another way of tackling it! They had paused their BYOC from 22 March onwards as the government rolled out additional measures on social distancing for F&Bs to minimize social contact. However, to encourage their customers to save the earth, they still offer discounts to customers who show them their cups! How wonderful 🙂



BYO Halted for Safety

Some retailers had paused their BYOC to minimize social contact and to ensure safety for both their customers and workers!

These are some of the retailers that had paused their BYOC:

  1. Gongcha
  2. Koi
  3. Playmade
  4. Glasshouse
  5. Starbucks (Something to note: They do not accept their own Tumblr as well)


How to BYO During This Period With Covid?

What to do if you still want to Bring You Own? Follow these steps!

Step 1: If you want to know if a restaurant or café still accept BYO, you can give them a call before heading there.

Step 2: The important thing you have to do before bringing them out is to wash and sanitize your containers or cups!

Step 3: Enjoy your food or drinks in your container or cups 🙂

Step 4: Share on your social media and with us too! (So that others will know that they can still Bring You Own at the restaurant or café that you went!)



Things to ensure before you BYO

Even though BYO is still allowed, we still have to take precautions for it to ensure everyone’s safety 🙂

These are the following things to ensure:

  1. You and your family have been feeling well for the past 2 weeks.
  2. You have washed the containers before passing it to the F&Bs.
  3. The F&Bs accepts BYO.


I want to highlight that you do not have to feel bad if you do not feel safe to BYO during this period with COVID. There are still other ways to be eco-friendly such as bringing your own bags for groceries or using cutleries when you take away.

Hopefully, this article helps to clear some of your doubts or inquires about BYOing during this period. Share with us of any other F&Bs who are accepting or rejecting BYO.

Need to find essentials to BYO? Check out our range here! Let’s stay strong and overcome this together!