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Interview with UglyFood

With a mission to “maximise the value of food resources and to offer healthy and delectable food products”, UglyFood was started out with the aim of preventing wastage of ugly food while providing nutritious food at affordable prices.

Curious as to how and why they started out and what their future plans are? Read the full interview as answered by their team!

What inspired you to start UglyFood?

Pei Shan, the founder of UglyFood and a SUTD-SMU Double Degree Programme graduate, developed an interest in food four years ago when her grandmother was stricken with cancer. In hopes that fruits and vegetables would alleviate her grandmother’s health condition, she started reading about healthier food choices, such as fruit and vegetables and learned how to make different fruits and vegetable juices.

Upon stumbling across a video on Facebook about global food wastage, she then gathered a team to look into the issue of unnecessary food wastage in Singapore. With her experience in making healthy foods and the awareness that food waste is avoidable and is present in Singapore, she decided to start a social enterprise, UglyFood.

Can you tell us a few challenges you faced when launching UglyFood in Singapore?

When we first started, we faced multiple challenges. One was the need to understand the food licenses required by the authorities for selling at Farmers’ Markets, retail stores and what not. Another was the sourcing for food that might otherwise go to waste. It took time and effort to reach out to partners and communicate what we do to them.

Since the launch of the organisation, what is the general response from the public?

We had good sales from the public during farmers’ markets at various locations. There are a few corporations and customers that purchased our signature cold-pressed juice series in bulk for their employees and family. Recently, we collaborated with another social enterprise, Bettr Barista, to have our products in their store!

Can you share with us a few statistics on the impact of UglyFood since it has been launched?

Since launch, Uglyfood has saved 7,384 fruits and vegetables.

For those who are interested in getting involved with UglyFood, can you share 2 to 3 quick and easy steps to get started?

If you are interested to purchase our products or engage our services for events, meetings or educational booths, do email us at .

If you are interested to collaborate on crazy ideas or volunteer with us, feel free to drop us a message on our facebook page or our website!

What is the main goal for UglyFood and what actions will be taken to achieve that goal?

The main goal for Uglyfood is to accelerate the minimization of the impact of food wastage on the rapidly deteriorating health of our planet and the reduction of food-related poor health outcomes. Uglyfood hopes to continue to improve our business model to increase our sales as well as expand our product line to cater to more markets and in so doing, reduce more food that would otherwise go to waste and provide more choices for people who wish to eat healthier foods!

What are some of your future plans for the organisation?

UglyFood intends to expand our product range and increase the number of flavours for existing products. We will seek opportunities to work with the special needs community to assist us in the manufacturing of our products.

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