But first, coffee – this is the motto for all the coffee lovers around the world and we definitely do love our coffee fix! In Singapore, you can find your daily supply of coffee from a range of places – our local coffee shop, cafes, Starbucks and many others.

But how easy is it to find a coffee roaster that serves coffee with a conscience? Well, look no further, as this is where Foreword Coffee comes in!

Founded in August 2017 at 8 College Ave East, Foreword Coffee is a coffee roaster that envisions a world unprejudiced to the differences between people. It concentrates on finding a sustainable solution to empower persons with special needs and also to be an advocate for the community.

Hence, allowing the social stigma which the society holds towards the persons with disabilities (PWD) community to be broken. In addition, they aspire to be a “good” and “sustainable” company from cherry to the cup.

So, if you have yet been to their shop, here are a few reasons why you should check them out!


Environment Advocates

How rare is it to find a coffee roaster that is plastic free?

The steps taken by Foreword Coffee to be plastic free is:

Serving their cold drinks in paper cups

Having a no straws policy

Foreword Coffee also educates and encourages their customers to adopt a more sustainable coffee drinking culture by bringing their own cups.

Foreword Coffee is part of the BYO Singapore initiative which encourages their customers to bring their own cups for their takeaways by offering a 10% discount.

Did we forget to mention that their used coffee grounds are turned into compost?

Hence, Foreword Coffee regards the environment of great importance and aims to strive for a more sustainable coffee consumption culture here in Singapore.


Empowering Those With Disabilities at Foreword Coffee

When you order your coffee from Foreword Coffee, you might notice something special about their employees.

Foreword Coffee currently employs a barista who is deaf and is also training an autistic youth to be a barista. What is the reasoning behind this decision?

Well, they believes strongly in empowering people with disabilities. How do they do that? They create a workflow to suit their abilities and encourage interaction between the general public and the disability community.

Moving forward, Foreword Coffee is looking to expand their social impact by training and hiring more persons with disabilities. Eventually, to inspire and convince more cafes to hire them as well.



Green Coffee at Foreword Coffee!

You might be thinking, green coffee = sustainable coffee? We made that silly mistake too! Instead, green coffee refers to raw coffee. Foreword Coffee imports green coffee directly from producers or cooperatives that work with the farmers directly.

Other businesses which might buy from coffee importers (the middleman between producers and coffee roasters). Through the direct purchase of raw coffee beans, more money is transferred to the farmers which ultimately helps to improve the lives of the farmers in Asia.

The focus on Asian speciality coffee that they offer is something different from other cafes in Singapore, which usually bring in American and African coffees. They believe in the potential of our Asian counterpart and currently serve Yunnan (China) and Xam Nuea (Laos) coffee.


With that, check out their Instagram and Facebook page and do drop them a visit!