EarthFest is a Singapore festival that is designed to be sustainable, fun and inspirational for all ages. In addition, it also features a food fair of delicious international and new age planet-friendly foods, a Farmer’s Market of local businesses with more sustainable products, an eco-carnival of engaging low carbon games, talks, screenings, etc.

Hence, there will be something for everyone and all interests, all packaged in one of the most sustainable and beautiful venues in the world. EarthFest is scheduled to take place on 14 January 2018 from 11 am to 4.30pm at Marina Barrage!

Still deciding if you should check it out? Hence, here are the top 5 reasons on why you should attend EarthFest 2018!


1. They are really really serious about sustainability

We kid you not, this event “talk the talk and walk the walk”. Here is how they ensure sustainability is in the core of the event:

Biodegradable plates and cutlery will be used and then composted

If one-use materials are necessary, they must be biodegradable

Food is all planet-friendly requiring less water, land, and food inputs to produce

One-use plastic carrying bags will not be given out. Thus, reusable bags will be available for purchase

No pamphlets will be handed out. Therefore, vendors have to do digital distribution

Palm oil is banned

 To create less waste, vendors will be given a financial incentive

Everything is designed to be reusable for future EarthFests



2. It’s free of charge!

Did we fail to mention that Earthfest is FREE OF CHARGE? They are, however, limited in number. So what are you waiting for? Get them here!


3. Everyone has something to do

If you are wondering if there are activities for you to do, fret not! For the reason that EarthFest has activities planned for everyone of all ages.

Certainly, here are the highlights and additions to the festival this year:

New bands on stage, including local artist Christiane Mikaela

Our first hybrid food truck will be part of the food fair

New talks and workshops curated by Green is the New Black!

PitchFest by Awesome Foundation – win $1,000 for your sustainable project

NEA Exposition on Climate Change + Waste

Screening of Landfill Harmonic by Singapore Eco Film Festival

Singapore Really Really Free Market

Exhibition of the Green Warriors by The Wedge Asia

WWF Eco-School exhibitions

Bookswap hosted by Secondsguru



4. Opportunity for you to change your lifestyle

EarthFest is about creating effective change in people’s daily habits. By attending it, you can easily learn about your carbon footprint based on your daily behaviour, have access to many different organisations educating on key sustainability issues and discover knowledge to realise various action options.

Above all, the mission of EarthFest is to “To inspire and empower us all to create a sustainable future.”

With all the tools aforementioned, EarthFest will provide you with insights and knowledge to lead a more sustainable lifestyle!


5. Support local

Furthermore, EarthFest serves as a platform to help you connect with businesses they didn’t even know existed in Singapore! Similarly, these businesses all have one main goal in mind – Sustainability.

Therefore by attending EarthFest, you are supporting both local and Mother Earth! You can check out all the businesses that will be there by visiting EarthFest’s website.


Hence, with all these reasons, we don’t see why you should miss EarthFest!