Oslo Innovation Week is an event that brings together speakers, experts, entrepreneurs, investors, startups and innovators from around the globe and challenges them to solve problems, collaborate and drive sustainable change.

In addition, Oslo Innovation Week 2017 highlights solutions that solve real global challenges through entrepreneurship, technology and innovation to push the world forward towards sustainable change.

This September, we were given the opportunity to attend a few talks during Oslo Innovation Week. Here are 2 key takeaways that we have learned!



Sustainable Business Model

One of the speakers, Ms Ragnhild Nilsen, shared her take 4 traits (FAIR) a business needs to compete in a sustainable way:

Fairplay: Competing amongst equals

Attract the good stories: Search for people who perform well and make it better

Innovate: Be creative and try to do the usual things in a different manner

Respect: Practice balance and have a win-win attitude for both parties



Circular Economy Strategies

Currently, linear companies practice the “take, make, waste” concept and hence engage in the following activities:

Utilise non-renewable or toxic resources

Prioritise sales of new products

Monopolise knowledge and IP

Maintain status quo

As shared by Circle Economy‘s Matthieu Bardout, furthermore, circular economy strategies include:

  1. Prioritising regenerative resources
  2. Preserving and extending what is already made
  3. Rethinking business models
  4. Using waste as a resource
  5. Collaborating to create joint value
  6. Designing for the future
  7. Incorporating digital technology