The Central Business District (“CBD”)- a place where most of us would have worked there once in our lifetime. With the fast-paced life in the CBD and a strong culture of taking away, we have decided to share some tips on how to successfully be sustainable and be green while working in the CBD!


Tip #1: Be Wise About Lunch Time

Between 12pm to 1.30pm, the CBD gets extremely crowded as it is a common lunch hour. I believe most of us have faced the situation of having difficulty in finding seats and for convenience, we opt to take away and eat in our offices instead.

Can you imagine the amount of plastic and styrofoam waste you have created just with this simple action?

To minimise the waste generated, why not plan to go for an early or late lunch? Based on our experience, the best timing to go for lunch will be around 11.45am (Right before the lunch crowd) or 1.45pm (Right after the lunch crowd).

It will depend on your individual preference on whether you wish to have an early or late lunch. This simple tweak in lunch timing can help to prevent the need to take away. Ultimately, it also eliminates the creation of waste!



Tip #2: Bring Your Own…

From bringing your own bottles to bags, there are numerous benefits when you bring your own items.

Bring Your Own Bottle:

Yes, having to work in CBD, we need our daily dosage of coffee/tea. But did you know that bringing your own bottles when you purchase drinks have their own benefits? Vendors such as Fun Toast provide customers with 10% discount when you bring your own tumblers! Also, it will be a feel-good moment when you think about the plastic waste you manage to reduce from Singapore’s statistics of 762,700 tonnes of plastic waste!

Bring Your Own Utensils:

If you are a frequent Lau Pa Sat goer, you will realise one obvious flaw of the place. They do not provide any metal utensils instead, everything they use is plastic! Bring your own metal utensils to prevent harmful chemicals being released when the plastic utensils come in contact with heat. You are also doing a favour to Mother Earth!

Bring Your Own Bag:

Needless to say, bringing your own bag is the number one practice that all of us should be aware of. Even though there is minimal shopping to do in the CBD, always ensure that you plan ahead by bringing your own bag when you wish to purchase something!

PS: Check out the new initiative, BYO Singapore, which is a campaign that involves offering incentives to customers who bring their own reusable bags, containers or bottles/cups!



Tip #3: Lunchbox

If you have no time to sit down to have lunch and need to take away, why not invest in a good lunch box? You can use your lunch box to store your lunch, fruits or even cake!


The above are a few tips on how we be sustainable in our daily working lives and be green in the CBD. Share with us how you be sustainable while working in the comments below!