Bamboo Hair Brush


Natural, lightweight, and perfect for detangling frizzled hair.

Our bamboo hair brushes’ bristles and handles are made from bamboo. The base is made from natural rubber.

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Natural, lightweight, and perfect for detangling frizzled hair. What’s more, the bamboo bristles improve blood circulation and cause good oils to excrete and moisten your hair. On top of that, bamboo boasts of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Bamboo is the main material used in this hair brush. This renewable resource grows at 2 inches per hour, and matures quickly in 5 years. Here’s what’s interesting – it can grow in almost any environment. And as a matter of fact, it releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere compared to other plants.

Care Instructions

Store your bamboo hair brush in a cool and dry area. Due to Singapore’s humidity, note that there is a possibility of the bamboo hair brush growing mould.


Handle and Bristles: Bamboo | Base: Natural Rubber

Made In


End of Life Treatment

Bamboo Handle and Bristles: Compostable (About 6 months)  | Rubber Base: Compostable (About 1 year). Do note to compost these two components separately.

Round: 23cm (Length) x 8cm (Width)
Square: 24.5cm (Length) x 8.5cm (Width)

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