Your Support Enable Us To Continue Pushing For Sustainability


We Are For The Planet

The environment comes first in every decision that we make. We believe that everyone can make a change and we are here to help you make the change.

Whether you are an invidual, organisation, small business or NGO, you can take small steps to help the planet.

By supporting us or working together with us, you are enabling us to do more or even taking steps for Earth.

We Are Passionate

Being one of the pioneers in the sustainability industry and having a passion for over 10 years, we aren't lying when we say we are tree huggers!

But, don't worry, we are realistic when in comes to sustainability and we believe in taking small steps in this journey.

We Are Professional

We will be with you along the whole journey to share insights, thoughts, comments and most importantly, our experience.

If you have any questions regarding sustainability, we are here to help you, to our best ability!

Projects You Are Supporting Through Us


Zero Waste Packaging Initiative

A ground-up movement to encourage businesses to adopt a circular packaging system, provide support and recognise businesses who reduce their waste through these means.


A Million Books

An intiative that sell preloved books and channel 100% of profits to tree planting initiatives in Singapore.


Environmental Projects

A percentage of our profits goes towards environmental or social projects in Singapore.

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