Silly Santa Snowflake

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Don’t you agree that there are just too many ways wastes can be produced from our grocery runs and cooking activities? But don’t you worry! Our Silly Santa Snowflake Christmas bundle is here to help you or your gift receiver make some simple kitchen lifestyle transformation.

Limited run of 2 sets.

Each set consists of:

  • Stasher Bag (sandwich size)
  • Beeswax Wrap (L size)
  • Produce Bags (pack of 6)

Scroll down to see how they help you go zero-waste!

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Stasher Bag (Sandwich)

Stasher is a patented, award-winning design that is eco-friendly, environmentally safe, and long-lasting. Designed in California, USA, Stasher bags are made of 100% pure platinum grade silicone, so putting them in the freezer, dishwasher or even microwave ovens will be no problem at all!

Customisable colour: Rose quartz / Jade 

Produce Bags (Pack of 6)

Essential for a zero waste lifestyle and those aiming to cut down their single-use plastic consumption. Reusable produce bags replace plastic produce bags at the store or market. The lightweight yet super strong transparent mesh fabric is perfect for fruit, vegetables, herbs and bulk goods such as grains, nuts and pulses.

Beeswax Wrap (L Size)

Replace the plastic in your kitchen with a good for the earth, sustainable alternative. Reusable food wraps may be utilised just like a plastic wrap, snap lock bags, and plastic bags. 100% plastic free, sustainable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

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