Mini Pot Bolga


An ethically handmade tote that’s perfect for everyday use! This bag is perfect for running errands or for home decor!

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Handwoven in Bolgatanga region of Ghana. Lightweight but able to withstand heavy items in the basket.

Please note that dimensions indicated and photos shown are for reference only. Actual dimension and colour/shade may vary slightly due to the nature of hand made items.


Elephant river grass

Made In


End of Life Treatment


Approximately 17cm (diameter at the base) x 15cm (height excluding handles)

Additional information

Care Instructions

1. To clean, spray water (either room temperature or warm water) or rinse in a bucket of water.
2. To dry, simply leave at a well-ventilated location during a hot and sunny day.
3. Basket softens when wet and can be reshaped as it retains its shape as it dries.

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