Hemp Scrubbie

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Your plates and cups are going to be squeaky clean!

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These hemp scrubbies can be used to clean and wash your dishes! Hemp is environmentally friendly as hemp production needs no herbicides or pesticides & has low water requirements. Hemp is also naturally resistant to damp, mould, bacteria, moths and silverfish – making it your perfect home cleaning partner!



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End of Life Treatment


8.5cm x 10cm

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Care Instructions

Rinse well after use and hang dry between washes. Machine wash in a washing net after a week or two to maintain freshness. Hemp does not pill and will get softer with every wash.

End of Life Treatment


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1 review for Hemp Scrubbie

  1. Haz

    Love how this does not mold and how quickly it dries. It has been a life saver for getting rid of stains such as tough egg stains.

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