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Handmade, natural and sustainable soap which is wrapped in silk wool and comes in a wide range of scent!

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If you use a luffa, you can now cut out the middleman! Our cold process soaps wrapped in Merino Silk wool blend in all sorts of colours are not only beautiful but act as an amazing exfoliant as well! The wool helps prolong the bars life, getting you the most use out of each bar of soap. Wool is naturally antibacterial, breathable & odour resistant!


Merino silk wool exterior.

Select the scent from the dropdown box to see a list of ingredients used for each scent!

Made In


End of Life Treatment

Wool: Compostable

Paper sleeve: Recyclable 

Net weight: 110g

7cm diameter

Additional information

Care Instructions

Soap prefers to dry out before uses so please place out of direct water when not in use.

From our experience

Honestly, when you smell these soaps, you will fall in love with them! We love using it and it lasts pretty long due to the wool.

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Self-collection option is available, but subject to certain timings and locations. Please refer to the Shipping & Deliveries for more information

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12 reviews for Felted Soap

  1. Michelle Chee

    Love the lavender scent! Feels squeaky clean after a shower ☺️

  2. CW

    Tried this and love it! It’s really gentle on the skin and cleans. My skin feels moist after showering and I can now skip the moisturiser!

  3. Jt

    This is a new must have in my bathroom. The silk wool is gentle on the skin. The soap lathers well & smells delightful! Can’t wait to try the other scents!

  4. Adeline

    Got the tea tree soap, love it! Lathers well, the silk wool gently scrubs without being overly abrasive, and it leaves me feeling nice and clean after! The scent is nice and mild, not overpowering like the usual brands you get in supermarkets or drugstores. A small section of my soap has softened over time, but doesn’t affect its performance in anyway thus far.

  5. Jenn

    Love how refreshing the tea tree scent smell like when using it. The silk wool is gentle to the skin yet giving it a good scrub when needed. Definitely a new must have during it my bathroom!

  6. Raina

    Tried the lavender scent and loved it! I expected that the scent would stay on my skin after my shower but it turned out to be less strong than originally anticipated. It does make the room smell lovely though. The silk wool is very gentle on the skin so it’s good if you have sensitive skin. These felted soaps look very pretty so they are great as gifts.

  7. Loraine

    I bought it because this soap looks really interesting. The squeaky feel after rinsing got me worried it will be too drying for my dry skin but surprisingly it doesn’t dry up my skin. Another plus point – it doesn’t leave alot of soap scum in the bathroom like body wash does.

  8. Merilyn

    I really love the scent, texture and colours of this soap. Its wool is very soft on the skin, making it nice to hold and use. In a humid climate like Singapore, bar soaps tend to melt faster. That’s why I like how the wool contains most of the soap within it so no soap goes wasted and I can use it for a longer time too! Great product!

  9. nn4deline (verified owner)

    I’m using the Sweet Orange Hibiscus one and I’ve been absolutely in love with the experience so far! Not only does it smell great, it lathers like a dream as well. I’ve been using it since December now and there is still quite a bit of product left, so it definitely lasts longer than your average bar soap! The wool has been excellent as a natural alternative to an ordinary loofah so i always come out of the shower squeaky clean. I will definitely buy more once my bar is used up!

  10. jo.t

    No regrets getting this soap because it smells soooo good and lathers well.

    Last pretty long for about 3 to 4 months as well and the colours are so pretty!

  11. ellie (verified owner)

    First time trying the felted soap! It doesnt dry up my skin and feels squeaky after shower! Although it’s quite expensive and maybe can give a free ‘refill’ for customers who bought this. Anyways will repurchase other flavours!

  12. Elvin

    These pretty soaps leave you squeaky clean after a shower, which I worried would dehydrate my skin ( it didn’t 😀 ). The wool seemed to be a good exfoliant, except it prevents the soap from drying as quickly. I’m not sure if this exacerbates the softening and hence dissolving of the soap- leading to quicker use and greater waste, nor whether the moisture will be a problem in the future. Yet so far its been amazing! Worth the price? (Yup!)

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