cassava bags

Cassava Bags (Packs of 20)


A sustainable plastic bag replacement!

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These cassava bags are made entirely from cassava root. Zero micro-plastics particles are used, which makes them non-toxic to animals and plants. It decomposes quickly and naturally, dissolving in water!
Do take note that these bags are to be:
  • Kept away from hot water
  • Kept away from liquids; slight direct contact with water is fine (E.g. condensation from chilled bottles)
  • Stored properly and away from areas which may attract pests

Comes in two different sizes: a T shirt bag  (with handles) and a Trash bag (without handles).


Cassava root

Made In


End of Life Treatment


T shirt size: 30 cm x 46cm

Trash bag size: 44cm x 60 cm

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