Care Package

Care Package Set A

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Gift your friends or family with this daily necessities care package during this period!

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Products Included In Care Package Set A

Collapsible Bowl –  Foldable, indestructible, and convenient to clean. Perfect for soups, rice bowls, salads and even pastries! To collapse the bowl. firstly press the rim of the bowl lightly then collapse the bowl in accordance to the fold. Close with the lid and stash it!

Stojo Collapsible Cup –  These patented Stojo Collapsible Cups were designed in New York City, with the idea of creating the perfect reusable cup for people who live on the go! Perfect to take away your drinks with!

Coaster –  Upcycled from scrap wood, it is designed lovingly and great for use at home or in the office!

Cup Holder – Portable and practical, these cup holder fit the average Kopitiam and bubble teacups!


*Do remember to specify the designs or colours that you want for the products in the comments when you check out. Otherwise, it will be shipped at random. You can refer to the variations at the products respective links by clicking on the products above.


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